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Danny Gonzalez

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEexs, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

Paul Wiernicki
Paul Wiernicki 50 sekundit tagasi
K Noelle
K Noelle 36 minutit tagasi
This feels like some kind of next level meta, self-aware satire of the “don’t do this at 3am” genre and it’s so wild. All I know is it’s the exact type of chaotic energy I need in my life.
L3m0n_ B0ba
L3m0n_ B0ba 4 tundi tagasi
I play Among us at 3:00 AM all the time-
zapdos2354 4 tundi tagasi
Omg 6:34 made me laugh so hard
Aaronin21 tutorials
Aaronin21 tutorials 5 tundi tagasi
Stop saying bad words
Aaronin21 tutorials
Aaronin21 tutorials 5 tundi tagasi
Lol how
Madden roberson
Madden roberson 5 tundi tagasi
Wait a sac imposer in game is blue and and the plush is red
Fex 7 tundi tagasi
Anyone notice 5:13? Just me? Ok
Neon Kawaii
Neon Kawaii 7 tundi tagasi
That video he's watching is from gametoons
Joshua Daem
Joshua Daem 7 tundi tagasi
Hidden continent, dremcrum, come play with the Dragon Born. . O *wink* *wink*
Detective Wolf
Detective Wolf 8 tundi tagasi
What happens if you put the crystal instaid of a womans...
Farhan KPMG
Farhan KPMG 9 tundi tagasi
I am a kid 🧒 who is 10
Randomized Things
Randomized Things 9 tundi tagasi
Tod philips is the I like trains kid.
Xander McKnight
Xander McKnight 10 tundi tagasi
new greg member😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌😊😊😊😊😊😊👏👏
silly willy
silly willy 14 tundi tagasi
Nikki (sorry if that's wrong) has a true crime channel now. Its called crime o' clock she started uploading two months ago
Tord 16 tundi tagasi
Imagine they got banned
Apple Farm
Apple Farm 19 tundi tagasi
Found out they're dating
Sarah G
Sarah G 20 tundi tagasi
Him: I’m gonna insert this crystal that I got from the dark web- *holds rose quarts*
Jooce Box
Jooce Box 21 tund tagasi
I love getting really high and watching their channel. It’s so entertaining.
Timothy O'Neill
Timothy O'Neill 22 tundi tagasi
It's funny that Tom Phillips is a real guy but when Danny learns he's like ohhhhhhhhhhh ok alright
StormyDoesART🌼 22 tundi tagasi
I like trains
The Triggered Eiko
The Triggered Eiko 23 tundi tagasi
I feel like they are kind of a troll
Ingrid Noguera
Ingrid Noguera Päev tagasi
Are his videos responsible for why my niece pronounces it, "Amonggus"? Lol
SUSSY SAIYAN Päev tagasi
What is tiny danny holding?
Gametannerz Päev tagasi
I love how at 5:12 shes all freaked out and a random person says i ate my grandmas ****
Reagan Le
Reagan Le Päev tagasi
When the imposter is asleep
Luis hernandez
Luis hernandez Päev tagasi
Not sure if he knows that Edward is just a troll
EnjoyMaCubingSkills Päev tagasi
Is this April Fools video???
a STUFF entertainment
a STUFF entertainment Päev tagasi
8:18 Me: puts crystal in ass Also me: disappoint noises
JWLRY Päev tagasi
Morgz couldn't do it, N&A couldn't do it... But Arcade Craniacs did it, he made it interesting to watch for matured children and the less matured children. He is the best, he is carrying yt rn.
Pumpkin Cat
Pumpkin Cat Päev tagasi
Off topic but Danny looks like Paul Zimmer with this hair
Froog Päev tagasi
Isn’t everyone your enemy but drew.
Pitoo Man
Pitoo Man Päev tagasi
I’ve been using rhino ever since I heard about it, aka like a bit ago
But Babby
But Babby Päev tagasi
Kindcod Päev tagasi
he lookin' real sussy
Wilson Reedy
Wilson Reedy Päev tagasi
Before it cut off somone said they ate thier grandmas ****** and I thought that was funny
Alec Douglas
Alec Douglas Päev tagasi
Danny Greg Gonzalez is the goat
Itz. Hafsa
Itz. Hafsa Päev tagasi
ummm 14:45 craig?
Vinnie nemr
Vinnie nemr Päev tagasi
Luca Whelan
Luca Whelan Päev tagasi
Yeah I agree that they are the best youtubers.
happybrickbattle Päev tagasi
5:23 the face LOOOOOOLLL 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Greg Jayonnaise
Greg Jayonnaise Päev tagasi
I love that the scenario switches from “oh shit the imposter is gonna kill us” to “ oh shit the imposter is watching a canceled EEexsr and messing up my EEexs recommendations”
Mason Drummer
Mason Drummer Päev tagasi
Edward got a huge mouth
Joey Trifecta
Joey Trifecta Päev tagasi
lauren elise
lauren elise Päev tagasi
I haven’t watched Danny in a while but I just now realized it’s THEM I LOVE THEM SO MUCH
ERROr yoUr WifI is OUt Boi
ERROr yoUr WifI is OUt Boi Päev tagasi
Bro rip Tod
ERROr yoUr WifI is OUt Boi
ERROr yoUr WifI is OUt Boi Päev tagasi
This is sus
Pig_The_Trash Päev tagasi
Imagine you're a 3rd-grade who thinks these videos are real and found out it's just parodies of 3am video
mrbee Päev tagasi
iMpOsTeR bE lOoKiNg lIkE A BeAnn
L V 2 päeva tagasi
I thought he was gonna say “JAMES CHARLES IS GAY” 😭💀
PeytonLee Allen
PeytonLee Allen 2 päeva tagasi
this video gives me anxiety because it sounds like my alarm is playing in the background the whole time
It’s Laugh Day
It’s Laugh Day 2 päeva tagasi
GUYS HELP ME!!! la la la la emols world!!!! I guess
Darth Caliginous
Darth Caliginous 2 päeva tagasi
it went down the sushopagus
Play Forever
Play Forever 2 päeva tagasi
ZombieSkittles 2 päeva tagasi
Best part is that Arcade Craniacs are a purely satirical channel
💥✨🍄Nex🍄✨💥 2 päeva tagasi
I'm crying 🤣 4:49 6:24
Moony Moo
Moony Moo 2 päeva tagasi
6:24 when the neighbor's kid knocks on the door
foxy the pirate
foxy the pirate 2 päeva tagasi
Reptillian 2 päeva tagasi
He looks like the next "#6: Man urinates on fellow passenger for not being allowed to smoke" meme.
Karalena And Weiner Dogs
Karalena And Weiner Dogs 2 päeva tagasi
I simp for Danny I- Is that b-bad 😇
Sara Pempsell
Sara Pempsell 2 päeva tagasi
My favorite quote from Edward is you sussy bakas gonna make me act up 😌
MrM 2 päeva tagasi
Arcade crainiac has commented on a danny Gonzalez video 11 TIMES
Raoul Herskovits
Raoul Herskovits 2 päeva tagasi
Is there a single person on the internet that doesn't like Arcade Craniacs
Rupert Aquilize Ibajan
Rupert Aquilize Ibajan 2 päeva tagasi
Can you try badwars plssssss il be happy if you do it
Mip Kiplit
Mip Kiplit 2 päeva tagasi
The acting is supposed to be fake, it’s all jokes
Qween's Daycore
Qween's Daycore 2 päeva tagasi
I lowkey want them to do papa smurf than he becomes papa smurf, than he just says "I'm not papa smurf, I'm daddy smur- WAIT NOO!-"
e e
e e 2 päeva tagasi
I watched this at 3 am with my room dark while my family was sleeping… they all turned into among us, I am scared help.
Gaming Lewis Extras
Gaming Lewis Extras 2 päeva tagasi
The title is truth
Izzy Lynn
Izzy Lynn 2 päeva tagasi
the “la la la the elmos world” is a huge inside joke in my friend group because of them.
The samba
The samba 2 päeva tagasi
Do these people have locks on their door
Noted 2 päeva tagasi
I actually though he was lying about the famous birthdays thing but no he wasnt lying
Evan Amsden
Evan Amsden 2 päeva tagasi
Amoung us in real life sus sus
maybeclayer 2 päeva tagasi
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Päev tagasi
@maybeclayer lots and lots of scrolling
maybeclayer Päev tagasi
@Yoshikage Kira how tf did you find this
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Päev tagasi
I found it….
Maddie Jones
Maddie Jones 2 päeva tagasi
“We need some adult fun.” {continues to b in need fight each other} me: 😀. Next mintue you know they have a relationship-
LightningHunter 2 päeva tagasi
This boomer just said this is a crystal......THATS A CLEAR PEACE OF PLASTIC 8:17
Green Commie
Green Commie Päev tagasi
are you like a very young audience since you clearly have never heard of satire videos or are you joking
LightningHunter 2 päeva tagasi
How the heck do you enjoy watching these weirdos do clickbait
Drawasaurus Productions
Drawasaurus Productions 2 päeva tagasi
Finally someone gets it's satire/a joke.
Goomba 456 will be available until march 31st.
Goomba 456 will be available until march 31st. 2 päeva tagasi
These are so funny and refreshing that I am starting to wonder if this is actually a parody
Selever 2 päeva tagasi
"What happens when you drink the potion?" "When you drink the potion, you turn into ligma" "What's ligma?" *evil laughter* "LIGMA NU-"
Lia 2 päeva tagasi
Scarlette Miramontes
Scarlette Miramontes 2 päeva tagasi
Uh I used to watch these kind of vids but on there friends acc Lyssy Noel and I knew they were fake
Ham and Eggs
Ham and Eggs 2 päeva tagasi
Mia Bankson
Mia Bankson 2 päeva tagasi
no danny i watch each of their videos all the way through i love them. i ❤️ edward and nikki
Deckardd Wizardd
Deckardd Wizardd 3 päeva tagasi
The way Edward say ✨AMONG GUS✨
Quin's Adventures
Quin's Adventures 3 päeva tagasi
Remember Greg is good and Craig is bad
Tristan Prater
Tristan Prater 3 päeva tagasi
poor quinten terintino totally happened
Cracked HD
Cracked HD 3 päeva tagasi
I have the same chucky doll toy that was in the fort
Jennifer Lex Wojnar
Jennifer Lex Wojnar 3 päeva tagasi
i played among us at 3 am...NOTHING FREEKING HAPPENED
Cindy Neckles
Cindy Neckles 3 päeva tagasi
It's like Mlb, I love them but i hate them
Doris Buchanan
Doris Buchanan 3 päeva tagasi
I can agree but they should do better acting doesn't really make any sense
get in the van for candy
get in the van for candy 3 päeva tagasi
ah yes, a̷̯͕͈͓̯̩͌̊̎̍̚͝͝ͅm̷̨͚̳̣̘̱̫͖͕̠̻͙̊ͅͅõ̸͇̙̘͚̩̥̟̠̆̐̐̿͆̎͠͝g̴̟͙̮̻͖̯̮͈͉̖͕̳̯̀̽̓͋̍̓̆̉͗̔̚͜ȗ̴̹̤̈́̓̾̉͑̄́̌́́͗͘s̵̡̢̡̙͕̭̣̥͉͙̟̘͇̀͗̐͗̾̓͊̿͘͜͠͠͠ͅ
Elaina Hernandez
Elaina Hernandez 3 päeva tagasi
When you opened the door and it was Thomas
This Channel Is Discontinued
This Channel Is Discontinued 3 päeva tagasi
Amon Gus
Seleviathan 3 päeva tagasi
everytime he says Dixie D'amelio I couldnt stop laughing
JellyCheetos 3 päeva tagasi
3:52 ok Google set calender for 3AM among us
Ăņìmë Şůpéřmâćý
Ăņìmë Şůpéřmâćý 3 päeva tagasi
5:11 "I ate my grandmas ****"
Big Boi
Big Boi 3 päeva tagasi
A cat named Pumpkin
A cat named Pumpkin 3 päeva tagasi
I'm a sussy fool?
E 3 päeva tagasi
Thine Spidet
Thine Spidet 3 päeva tagasi
The day this episode came out, my friends and I played Jackbox for like 7 hours, and it was nothing but Among Us jokes. I was so tired of these jokes,
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