These Guys Again ("Up" But Everything Is Even Worse)

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Danny Gonzalez

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The gang from "What's Up" is back and worse than ever

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Largop 45 minutit tagasi
Mr. Patlıcan
Mr. Patlıcan 9 tundi tagasi
youtube kids at 3 am:
CreenelMC 14 tundi tagasi
16:46 guessing danny's gonna talk about this in a moment but WHAT THE FUCK DID HE JUST GRAB THE TISSUE WITH HIS MOUTH Edit: Danny didn't talk about this lol
Heidi Mann
Heidi Mann 18 tundi tagasi
Egg hehe
Gacha Toons
Gacha Toons 20 tundi tagasi
Super kid123
Super kid123 Päev tagasi
we all stan Gunto
TheGamerPlayZ Päev tagasi
Ghbxgvvv v as
kierra hobbs
kierra hobbs Päev tagasi
leasiacherise Päev tagasi
Y'all see the knock off cars movie poster in Gunto's room?? LMAO
it’s me marrio
it’s me marrio 2 päeva tagasi
r e
Gaia Hansen
Gaia Hansen 2 päeva tagasi
10:52 ummm….I have slide anger issues? (When I was in kindergarten and my drawing was off I’d scream rip it into small pieces and cry)
90%  Problems
90% Problems 3 päeva tagasi
Gunto is mood. Mans straight up woke up on the floor
normal guy
normal guy 3 päeva tagasi
13:36 they have a poster for a knock-off cars movie
Colleen Walsh
Colleen Walsh 3 päeva tagasi
polar expresso
polar expresso 3 päeva tagasi
me getting "flubber" vibes
Marcus Gonzales
Marcus Gonzales 4 päeva tagasi
the meteor wouldn't have killed him because most meteors turn into the size of a pebble or smaller when they hit the ground but it would have maybe blinded him for a short amount of time and the ball would be scorching
Joshua Duffy
Joshua Duffy 4 päeva tagasi
Protagonists:have a salt gun Monsters:weakness is salt Protagonists:use salted cashews Yep... that makes sense
Nina Chang
Nina Chang 4 päeva tagasi
This movie is more disappointing then doctor krum’s breakfast
Hanan Hannoon
Hanan Hannoon 6 päeva tagasi
tha wys yo mama obama and yo mama aka obama watches belle delphine
ellie beam
ellie beam 7 päeva tagasi
16:05 egg
Captain Pointless
Captain Pointless 7 päeva tagasi
20:44 ligit could not stop laughing
Ransell666 8 päeva tagasi
10:17 Unabomber manifesto in a nutshell
Gacha Siblings
Gacha Siblings 9 päeva tagasi
I didnt know you were a flamingo fan
brewmocha 9 päeva tagasi
20:54 Endless Cashews sounds like a great band name
Fidel Marxlin
Fidel Marxlin 9 päeva tagasi
Is the robot actually speaking Chinese at 3:01? Or is it just a racist impression?
Thephillips 2019
Thephillips 2019 9 päeva tagasi
I guess Breakfast Delight is something like Birthday Pancakes?
Flexi 9 päeva tagasi
Derek Lund
Derek Lund 10 päeva tagasi
Amanda kinda bad tho
Unknowned Leaf
Unknowned Leaf 10 päeva tagasi
i love watching dirty gorgonzolla
Grail Montgomery
Grail Montgomery 11 päeva tagasi
Considering Danny's content is a huge coping mechanism for me, I've seen this video probably ten times and I still crack up at him describing Dr Crumb as "jaded"
coconutcore 11 päeva tagasi
10:06 The boomer is strong in this one.
Gumbull15 11 päeva tagasi
Is the uncle the same voice actor of Doctor Eggman
Chloe_Equals_No ಠ_ಠ
Chloe_Equals_No ಠ_ಠ 11 päeva tagasi
4:32 me drinking from a bottle cap: 😟
A Person Who Does Person Things
A Person Who Does Person Things 12 päeva tagasi
0:47 the girl looks like the Samsung Lady I need help
Alex The Hooman
Alex The Hooman 12 päeva tagasi
As a Chinese person this movie should be considered a hate crime
Cintia Arjunen
Cintia Arjunen 12 päeva tagasi
lmao 10:27 10:53 RIP my ears 😭
I'mshow red
I'mshow red 12 päeva tagasi
Is that kid Ash Ketchum's voice actor?
Hello World
Hello World 12 päeva tagasi
*J U N K*
mario0pereira 13 päeva tagasi
Portuguese here: yeah we drink coffee like that. Italians call that an expresso. I think is a thing in all Europe. Is just because we like our coffee to taste like, you know, coffee, instead of just hot dirty water...
Lucas 13 päeva tagasi
The morning is a rip off of the first scene in flubber
sans 13 päeva tagasi
bill nye the racist guy
Blayn Allen
Blayn Allen 13 päeva tagasi
It's sad that the video game spyro from 1997 looked better then this shitty movie lol
Tokyovfx 13 päeva tagasi
Hhgcc vjgg😇
Bloo Da Fox
Bloo Da Fox 13 päeva tagasi
the sad thing is that this would be a good movie if it was animated way better
The Mystical Maker
The Mystical Maker 13 päeva tagasi
That intro is gold
Benny Worm
Benny Worm 13 päeva tagasi
Wallace and gromit be like
Unusable 14 päeva tagasi
"No, stay here. You're too immature to handle such a machine like this." I can actually relate to this-
Nikko Nihipali
Nikko Nihipali 14 päeva tagasi
Waw such A. N I maTe
zak 15 päeva tagasi
why does the second movie tells you there stroy and names but the first you aint get shit lol
xhalo YT
xhalo YT 15 päeva tagasi
27:03 i love that part
Zora113 15 päeva tagasi
I can confirm, whenever I visit my cousins in the country, we have one hard-boiled egg and coffee in a cup the size of a water bottle cap served by their floating racist robot.
DontFartIn Space
DontFartIn Space 16 päeva tagasi
Calling all barbz
Calling all barbz 16 päeva tagasi
The partner has a name!?!?
UnRipped 16 päeva tagasi
this is the most non-monsters vs aliens movie of all time
Eggs Bruhnadict
Eggs Bruhnadict 16 päeva tagasi
The Chinese robot said virus... bruh
Kennedy McGill
Kennedy McGill 17 päeva tagasi
i found the dvd for this at dollarama today 💀
Jiyu Starfam
Jiyu Starfam 17 päeva tagasi
Omg lol
specialstormy 18 päeva tagasi
20:59 "Cashoos","And it's just endless cashoos"
Am Friend
Am Friend 18 päeva tagasi
Mschf not available in Denmark apparently
Sharpe007 18 päeva tagasi
The flying Robot gives me Flubber vibes
enber 20 päeva tagasi
up but the quality went down funne
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 20 päeva tagasi
The resolute christmas algorithmically decay because sprout bodily unpack after a colorful mustard. educated, tawdry blow
The Incredicar Fan Films
The Incredicar Fan Films 22 päeva tagasi
this is gonna sound made up but at exactly 10:57 when danny said "I hate electricity" my wifi and light went out and the video crashed.
random name
random name 22 päeva tagasi
dr. crum i think they accoidentally added "r" to "crum" ;#)
Boomsterkinian 22 päeva tagasi
7:46 I'm not smart but let's see if I can do this I don't really feel like doing pixel measurements rn so assuming the green egg is 1.5x the size of a normal chicken egg and has the same density and the air density is similar to our planet, the ball would have a force of 1,302,000n (49.6g x 1.5 = 74.4 * 17,500mph) 49.6 being the average mass of a chicken egg and 17,500 being the speed of reentry burning. 1,302,000 is equivalent to 1 1/2 sticks of TNT and if that blew up right in your face you'd be dead, but if you were a child you'd only be very dead after being chucked across the road. take that with a molecule of salt ... although the egg didn't even crack when it hit the ground so either that's dense enough to survive that impact and Gunto has super-strength which is how he lived through the explosion or the material covering the egg is stronger and lighter than titanium this movie is very realistic
Aiden and Caden studios
Aiden and Caden studios 22 päeva tagasi
Dude gunto is the BEST anime Character in all of cinema history! Screw Carl wheezer and parappa the rapper this is perfect anime character development
Fuzzy the blue racer
Fuzzy the blue racer 22 päeva tagasi
13:03 i used to watch that car show in the background 🤣
otaku ash
otaku ash 23 päeva tagasi
this whole movie looks like it was made in MMD (MMD stands for miku miku dance btw just if you were wondering
sophie paskiet
sophie paskiet 23 päeva tagasi
Vi —
Vi — 23 päeva tagasi
Kalden Orr-Bills
Kalden Orr-Bills 24 päeva tagasi
19:41 looks like that one scene in ratatoing
Offended_Goose 24 päeva tagasi
Does anybody want to talk about the fact that theres a rip-off cars poster at 13:15
Creeper Invasion
Creeper Invasion 24 päeva tagasi
6:26 may be the single worst exposition scene in the history of film
ㄥ卂ㄩᎶ卄卂乃ㄥ乇 24 päeva tagasi
Monsters VS Aliens at home:
Kaya Peters
Kaya Peters 25 päeva tagasi
The rip off cars poster in the back ground around 13:43 to 13:46
LolBruh Meow
LolBruh Meow 25 päeva tagasi
Spicer C
Spicer C 25 päeva tagasi
It's called an espresso lol
Elsa 707
Elsa 707 25 päeva tagasi
Someone make a Gudo edit please
Elsa 707
Elsa 707 25 päeva tagasi
JoJoBot 26 päeva tagasi
is ot just me who realized the knock off cars poster in 13:34?
Emma-Kate Salin
Emma-Kate Salin 26 päeva tagasi
this is literally jimmy neutron (probably spelled that wrong)
Bunny Lord
Bunny Lord 26 päeva tagasi
13:29 Gunto looks like he's gonna kill his uncle for it
3d brownie
3d brownie 26 päeva tagasi
Dr.Crumb: let me have a look Ad: *plays* Me: ay.. so the sexy green ball shows us ads???
That_weird_geek 26 päeva tagasi
10:27 bruh this made me wheeze 😂😂
Nerd 27 päeva tagasi
13:39 nobody gonna say somthing about the bootleg 'cars' poster on the background
Shadow Decidueye
Shadow Decidueye 27 päeva tagasi
I just realized, these scientists are just like mysterio in far from home, they both pretend to be heros and get famous and admired to get something in return for being heros
Slytherin Pride
Slytherin Pride 26 päeva tagasi
Or Lockheart from Harry Potter
Leena Sheikh
Leena Sheikh 28 päeva tagasi
Danny's inner computer science major ditzy gaaki shot the first half of this video lmao
Jay Moshette
Jay Moshette 28 päeva tagasi
I am scientist and I say the wind force from that meteor would push Guntoe ( that is how I will spell it ) and the impact would cause cause some shit rockery
Massimo 2.0
Massimo 2.0 29 päeva tagasi
3:01 strange chainmail sounds instensifies
Desteny Stearns
Desteny Stearns 29 päeva tagasi
Scaled Icy
Scaled Icy Місяць tagasi
6:17 wait like a second and see the person glitch
aesthetic Місяць tagasi
I could say gibberish and it would be more understandable then this
a Місяць tagasi
13:44 Amanda’s legs look like toothpicks lmao also why is she standing there like 🧍🏻‍♀️
a Місяць tagasi
13:35 bro the poster in the back better not be a cars rip off
Stanth3man 08
Stanth3man 08 Місяць tagasi
I think that breakfast delight would be donuts
Damien Nadeau
Damien Nadeau Місяць tagasi
Oh my god there back
Centra Місяць tagasi
Are the people making this movie aware that the main ingredient in ice cream is salt?
Luna R
Luna R Місяць tagasi
13:09 A Cars rip off poster. A rip off within a rip off
RG Gaming2
RG Gaming2 Місяць tagasi
You can’t understand how disappointed i was when the salt laser thing wasn’t used
fleurtje fleur
fleurtje fleur Місяць tagasi
The last vid he had "geg" on his wall, now it's only the r lol
¿ C!TT*N ¿
¿ C!TT*N ¿ Місяць tagasi
Why does dr.crumb look like a rip off of Einstein
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