The Kung Fu Panda Ripoff From Your Nightmares

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Danny Gonzalez

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Ricardo Purnell
Ricardo Purnell 28 minutit tagasi
Dan Eggs
Dan Eggs 6 tundi tagasi
the polar bear sounds like someone just got clips from a Alex Jones video and copy and pasted the audio of him ranting
Nick Magwood
Nick Magwood 10 tundi tagasi
Dinky Kazinky
Parker Ellis
Parker Ellis 12 tundi tagasi
Blue Kanz
Blue Kanz 21 tund tagasi
Why does snot bear sound like meowth
Voidiac 22 tundi tagasi
holy fuck its 1AM and the drum noise at 1:45 scared the shit out of me
Raeex 22 tundi tagasi
If Danny directed and produced the movie, it would probably actually be good.
Carlie Allen
Carlie Allen Päev tagasi
R.I.P sleeping directors foot you will be missed
Jackson Yount
Jackson Yount Päev tagasi
Ratatoing was honestly a better movie
Rainbow Hunter30
Rainbow Hunter30 Päev tagasi
Anyone remember when gumball made fun of this movie?
Counting Berds
Counting Berds Päev tagasi
My favorite animals used to be any type of bear. Now it's a trash can.
Reagan Le
Reagan Le Päev tagasi
1 night at Pancota's
Camii_g0t_famous Päev tagasi
dude if you pause it at 10:24 it looks like she's high on crack-
Marianne Päev tagasi
The dance routine where he points at each of the judges and does a dramatic dive is definitely taken from Flashdance lol.
Litee ficter panda rip off kung fu panda
Nina Chang
Nina Chang Päev tagasi
19:11 isn’t this care bear?......
Nina Chang
Nina Chang Päev tagasi
I don’t know why but not seeing the bears wear clothes makes me uncomfortable
Jeskers18 2 päeva tagasi
Are those Drew's eyes pasted on his glasses? 🤣
Wolfy Rose
Wolfy Rose 2 päeva tagasi
Oh so IM GREG?!1
Drooh 2 päeva tagasi
So, let me get this straight. They’re getting bored of that one bear fighting in the ring for 2 years straight, but nobody cared about Polaris fighting in it for 3 years?
Safiya Pinnock
Safiya Pinnock 2 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who wants to see him collab with "dylan is in trouble"
Aleena Adnan
Aleena Adnan 2 päeva tagasi
Me - *coughing because I'm ✨sick✨* Danny - *drops clothes at an angle* Me - *coughing, and laughing*
Aleena Adnan
Aleena Adnan 2 päeva tagasi
"omg mean bear," *silence* "Mean girl bear!" Me - rEGinA gEoRGE??
Sarah Hooper
Sarah Hooper 2 päeva tagasi
And I’m just supposed to sleep after watching this? Imma have nightmares for days
Kaysha's Vlog
Kaysha's Vlog 2 päeva tagasi
"Mom can we watch kung fu panda in the movies" "No we have kung fu panda at home" Kung fu panda at home:
Griffin Hilke
Griffin Hilke 3 päeva tagasi
Starwberry pet!
Starwberry pet! 3 päeva tagasi
Merch restooock
Gerry Stenman
Gerry Stenman 3 päeva tagasi
Explain wtf this is?
dreamelf 3 päeva tagasi
Does danny even grow up he looks 15
Aesthetic Ari
Aesthetic Ari 4 päeva tagasi
Im traumatized
Beth Miller
Beth Miller 4 päeva tagasi
The women that voiced the girl bear is dead 😔
fIoNa bErToLiNo
fIoNa bErToLiNo 4 päeva tagasi
11:24 to 11:27 got me, I have no idea why XD
Cryptic? ?
Cryptic? ? 4 päeva tagasi
Why does every character sound vaguely like Meowth from the Pokémon anime
Aesthetic Ari
Aesthetic Ari 4 päeva tagasi
Yo fr-
Adrian Larranaga
Adrian Larranaga 4 päeva tagasi
Dude this movie is a blockbuster If you don't like this movie Your litteraly the dumbest thing on earth
Big brain time
Big brain time 4 päeva tagasi
Bear bor box?
Shadow Noob
Shadow Noob 4 päeva tagasi
Little panda fighter makes me wanna jump off 20 stories and survive and do it again and live and do it a third time and die
the 5 päeva tagasi
this is clickbait where is judy hopps im unscrubingning
the 5 päeva tagasi
me too
userdetails1 5 päeva tagasi
Re the girl bear I think this movie suffers from the same trope that the Smurfs has. Every character has a personality/defining traits except the one female, in her case the fact she is female IS her personality/defining trait.
SirDurtle 5 päeva tagasi
2:47 that's just a sped up version of an audio track that came with an old version of garageband
Isabel Rosario
Isabel Rosario 5 päeva tagasi
I have been waiting for like 2 years for this one
Spider Aba
Spider Aba 5 päeva tagasi
10:47 Danny Gonzalez T-posing with his body distorted into the shape of an hourglass is going to haunt me.
TheDevilKing _Yt
TheDevilKing _Yt 6 päeva tagasi
That last shot of pancada became my sleep paralysis demon
Random Fan
Random Fan 6 päeva tagasi
"would i have to blur this out?" also dani:" LOOK AT THIS THING"
Dayton Kemp
Dayton Kemp 6 päeva tagasi
Not leather, latex
Beth Miller
Beth Miller 6 päeva tagasi
Pancotta takes one step *moan* *grunt* *nail on a chalkboard sound* *moan* *moan* *another moan* *grunt*
Avaa 6 päeva tagasi
"Wanna make a movie" "But we don't have any money" "We can just use blender for free"
꧁Alois Trancy's buddie꧂
꧁Alois Trancy's buddie꧂ 6 päeva tagasi
10:20 Lollll
Lindsay Marie
Lindsay Marie 6 päeva tagasi
Danny’s videos are one of the only things that actually make me laugh out loud uncontrollably. This series where he reviews bad movie rip offs are my absolute favorite.
Higuy 6 päeva tagasi
This looks like how to ratatwang your panda from Amazing World of Gumball
Erin Timbermist
Erin Timbermist 7 päeva tagasi
I... I'm a 13-year old using FlipaClip and I can animate better than THAT- (I hope-)
whos Ben
whos Ben 7 päeva tagasi
1:38 My dirty mind: that's kinda sus bro
Parker Ellis
Parker Ellis 7 päeva tagasi
2:45 That music is better then this entire movie.
Talia Valdez
Talia Valdez 7 päeva tagasi
I either fall asleep to this video, or a true crime video, every night and I think I have memorized this video at this point. It’s often part of my dreams. I have an issue why do I choose this or stories about murder to fall asleep???
sampriti sharon
sampriti sharon 7 päeva tagasi
Erin Last Name Redacted
Erin Last Name Redacted 7 päeva tagasi
So...they didn’t think it was Pancotta in the newspaper picture?
Crazy World Cartoons
Crazy World Cartoons 7 päeva tagasi
Why does the main character’s name sound like something I’d get at Olive Garden?
X-Sleepy pixel-X
X-Sleepy pixel-X 7 päeva tagasi
11:14 “ small waist pretty face with a big Bank”
FryFry467 7 päeva tagasi
Hi 🙋‍♀️
Cad Chamberlain
Cad Chamberlain 8 päeva tagasi
these movies have a level of wholesomeness that i appreciate
Turnip Nail
Turnip Nail 8 päeva tagasi
I’m gonna be honest, this movie genuinely disturbs me
Riley Johnson
Riley Johnson 8 päeva tagasi
i can't wait to watch the little panda fighter while high
Ravager 158
Ravager 158 8 päeva tagasi
Welcome! Welcome to the nightmare land the land no one asked for and no one wants to be at! It's just normal.... Or is it?
KILL ME PLEASE 8 päeva tagasi
They put a care bear into a movie.... Bruh
Cleetus isn’t FAT
Cleetus isn’t FAT 9 päeva tagasi
3:37 if carebear was on a 7 dollar budget
Galaxy Gaming
Galaxy Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
The movie is actually not that bad
Zachary Vogel
Zachary Vogel 9 päeva tagasi
How to ratatwang your panda
Antonia Escobar
Antonia Escobar 9 päeva tagasi
like look at at him he's terrible the panda sooooooo FAT
Antonia Escobar
Antonia Escobar 9 päeva tagasi
this movie is BAD they did not even TRY
Oscar 9 päeva tagasi
why does the girl bear only have 3 fingers-?
Skinny Lil Bill
Skinny Lil Bill 9 päeva tagasi
Jesus died for our sins
ivypool x blossomfall UwU
ivypool x blossomfall UwU 9 päeva tagasi
mean-girl-bear is just a weird furry
Fruity_Gachå 9 päeva tagasi
What now, you gonna dis daisy mai? (That was a joke, love you Danny)
Styx in The River
Styx in The River 9 päeva tagasi
"go get changed" By that you mean ankle bracelet and a headband
NonSequitron 9 päeva tagasi
Pretty sure that second audio error is actually a VO mistake or script typo. The line is obviously supposed to be, "...when he inevitably bites the dust." But if you listen closely it sounds like he says "stud" instead of "dust." Since STUD is an anagram of DUST, it seems likely that either the voice actor misread it or there was a typo in the script.
Emerson Jones
Emerson Jones 10 päeva tagasi
hey Danny I'm fuckny gucky please make kid merch yes I'm a kid and I luv ur vids.
KAZ 2Y5 10 päeva tagasi
Legend has it the director has never fallen asleep since. *He just lies awake at night now*
bub 10 päeva tagasi
mmm haha yk and a woman with a preference for women i think that girl bear is kinda hot
Sweaty-Fortnut-Kiddo Apex
Sweaty-Fortnut-Kiddo Apex 10 päeva tagasi
almost Preteen
almost Preteen 10 päeva tagasi
When I think someone is hot Ima say you double caked up like female bear with pancoda blonde hair ooh girl you looking nice
I Love Harpic and Clorox
I Love Harpic and Clorox 10 päeva tagasi
I guess this movie was made with the help of blender
Luke Williams
Luke Williams 10 päeva tagasi
SlowMiki 10 päeva tagasi
This is just Kung Fu Panda with RTX off
Jeikoe 10 päeva tagasi
kid: mom i want kung fu panda mom: we have kung fu panda at home the kung fu panda at home:
phrog 11 päeva tagasi
"Mom can we get kung fu panda" "No, we have kung fu panda at home" Kung fu panda at home:
worm on a string
worm on a string 11 päeva tagasi
why r these characters never wearing clothes
haesbread 11 päeva tagasi
GUYS WAIT i was rewatching the amazing world of gumball a little after this vid came out & one episode (i forgot which one) there was a scene where they were watching tv i think & it was a very poorly animated 3d video of some pandas just like in Danny's video & this was the first thing i thought of 😭 Please dont tell me im going insane i swear it was so similar to this vid
Harris Alvi
Harris Alvi 11 päeva tagasi
Just a Saysainik😎
Just a Saysainik😎 11 päeva tagasi
1:22 2:47 Some nice images
Just a Saysainik😎
Just a Saysainik😎 11 päeva tagasi
Ashok Panda: Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary
Jimin Wang ジミン
Jimin Wang ジミン 11 päeva tagasi
This is horrifying, Danny I am very sorry that you had to watch this.
Killz Go
Killz Go 11 päeva tagasi
Furry bear
kingforaday 12 päeva tagasi
it's cubchoo!
Lana Mediva
Lana Mediva 12 päeva tagasi
O gee I never knew Pancotta was dreaming about being a kpop star! That audition was incredible. What a hidden gem, it’s obviously the point of the entire movie!
Ryder Animations and stuff 2
Ryder Animations and stuff 2 12 päeva tagasi
The girl bear is actually a furry
Matt Strasser
Matt Strasser 12 päeva tagasi
If you’re wondering about bears and snot I would recommend looking up cubchoo Danny
Fancy Flamingo
Fancy Flamingo 12 päeva tagasi
Was that a random Care Bear at 19:11 ?
shadowforces242 chaosblast
shadowforces242 chaosblast 12 päeva tagasi
Mike Pollock was a voice actor in this movie. Its sad because he is the voice of EGGMAN.
Phyllis Martin
Phyllis Martin 12 päeva tagasi
I'm in the Greg army
ok ok
ok ok 12 päeva tagasi
i have nightmares on this video.
AlmondTheAlmond 12 päeva tagasi
It would have turned out better even if they used fucking Plotagon
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
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