Why Did KFC Make A Romance Movie

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Danny Gonzalez

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lollerino lollerone
lollerino lollerone 3 tundi tagasi
garibaldi is an italian historic figure. Finally being italian it's useful
_7tagz_ 8 tundi tagasi
“Wittle wabbit” I CANTTTTT 💀💀
CoconutbearYT 9 tundi tagasi
Fun fact Colonel sanders owned a gas station
lizzoncker 19 tundi tagasi
why does he look like sanders mathieu cote
sabteca allen
sabteca allen 23 tundi tagasi
The ad tho…….did u see that shit yah the erase one..
Robert Doherty
Robert Doherty 2 päeva tagasi
Deliberately making a bad movie is almost…..artful. Keep a straight face, take the inane dialogue seriously, and keep going no matter what. The look just says it all. 14:44.
Hi its me
Hi its me 3 päeva tagasi
Garibaldi is a line of extremely rich family members and there are 25,000 KFC's in this world right now.
AJB Gaming
AJB Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
You ever hear of the KFC dating sim? Look it up.
M.G. L.
M.G. L. 3 päeva tagasi
@Danny Gonzalez can you please react to jollibee commercials vow & perfect pair, crush & homecoming, date & parangal (tribute) & choice it’s so much better than the kfc mini movie i swear you won’t regret it. you can find the jollibee commercial videos at jollibee studios channel except for perfect pair.
LPS Sparkle Bright
LPS Sparkle Bright 4 päeva tagasi
S E C R E T S. O U T. C H I C K E N. M A N
Derek Lund
Derek Lund 5 päeva tagasi
Imagine looking like kernel sanders
Alex Mats
Alex Mats 5 päeva tagasi
He looks like that guy at the costume party who didn't have a costume and just put on some hairspray and a bowtie and cosplayed as Colonel Sanders
Dajuan butler
Dajuan butler 6 päeva tagasi
Mo Rignell
Mo Rignell 6 päeva tagasi
Allie S
Allie S 6 päeva tagasi
Make the colonel proud.
Untitled_ First Draft
Untitled_ First Draft 7 päeva tagasi
Colonel Sanders is spinning in his grave.
Analisa Flores
Analisa Flores 7 päeva tagasi
me: *clicks on the video* youtube: oh okay so she likes kfc i guess ill give her a chicken sandwhich ad for kfc then me looking at the screen the ad: OUR NEW FINGER LICKIN GOOD CHICKEN SANDWHICH- me: what the actual fuck also there is 24,000 kfcs which is in 145 countries so yeah
Invalid_ Maestro
Invalid_ Maestro 7 päeva tagasi
Sussy pantry
Amiri the Grey
Amiri the Grey 8 päeva tagasi
Danny's video is longer than the movie is.
amazing alexis
amazing alexis 8 päeva tagasi
i have committed sin. i looked up what the fastest growing army on the internet was. i should have known better... it’s greg.
Alice Hyde
Alice Hyde 8 päeva tagasi
Wait ' le petite pamplemousse' I don't know much but I'm pretty sure that's the little grapefruit in French why would a restaurant named after a fruit hire a chicken man?
Jeff Barlw
Jeff Barlw 8 päeva tagasi
7:25 you turned her against me
ggmoonoo 8 päeva tagasi
*g r o s s*
Logan Tellings
Logan Tellings 8 päeva tagasi
Just listen to me and go to 7:08
Maggie Long
Maggie Long 8 päeva tagasi
There are 4,062 KFC locations in the US and 24,104 locations in more than 145 countries and territories worldwide. KFC is Japan's preferred "traditional" Christmas dinner, served by 1,131 locations.
Helen Elizabeth
Helen Elizabeth 8 päeva tagasi
I remember when you made that video with that guy that feeds raccoons and I subscribed to him and i still watch him.
Sasha Byers
Sasha Byers 9 päeva tagasi
Who else watches Danny gonzalezes videos with their best friend and when the end screen song comes on you get the “best friends that will go away” vibes? No one? Mkay
average male
average male 9 päeva tagasi
7:03 pause the vid what the fuck is up with this guys hand
Metanoia 9 päeva tagasi
Good lord the void face danny made when saying mine woman mine....
Emerson Jones
Emerson Jones 10 päeva tagasi
Why is his name kernel when he doesn't make popcorn like... IF YOUR NAME IS KERNEL MAKE POPCORN
Emerson Jones
Emerson Jones 10 päeva tagasi
500,000 is more then my parents got
Emerson Jones
Emerson Jones 10 päeva tagasi
Btw my dad has the same color and hairstyle as kernel Sanders (well in the mm)
Emily Vanderquack
Emily Vanderquack 10 päeva tagasi
I just noticed.. Widow wabbit
Nina Chang
Nina Chang 10 päeva tagasi
6:10 ok all y’all complaint abt the movie but can we appreciate that guys 🎂 for a moment
Befka 10 päeva tagasi
Excuse me are you talking me that the movie made about our one true lord colonel Sanders is bad?!?!
Demi Gean
Demi Gean 10 päeva tagasi
I love how his *mustache, goatee, and hair* are all different shades of *grey*
Phoenixplayz🌸 10 päeva tagasi
Hey this is my bitch😂
Basicbro911 10 päeva tagasi
*What in the Hot Crispy Kentuvky fried F U C K ?*
Reegan Morse
Reegan Morse 11 päeva tagasi
Isn't this the love that the fiance and mom in dumb and dumber to have
3d brownie
3d brownie 11 päeva tagasi
Danny looks happy in the thumbnail
Rainbawl 11 päeva tagasi
What the fuck.
Onyekachi Nwanoka
Onyekachi Nwanoka 11 päeva tagasi
Me eating kfc while watching did 👁👅👁 🍗
VoopEd 12 päeva tagasi
I got a big dump truck
S H 12 päeva tagasi
Next they’re gonna make a movie where Ronald McDonald falls in love or some shit💀
LEAH MACKINNON 12 päeva tagasi
is it just me who noticed the similarities between this and the love story in titanic-
Cad Chamberlain
Cad Chamberlain 12 päeva tagasi
you see, danny, this guy cant marry bunny because she is 10 years older than her daughter and a young stud cant marry an old lady
Cad Chamberlain
Cad Chamberlain 12 päeva tagasi
why did mario lopez accept this
Frances Darby
Frances Darby 12 päeva tagasi
That was a McDonald’s ad right before this
Jayden_HQ 12 päeva tagasi
14:45 *When you're in touch with you emotions*
ツMixu 12 päeva tagasi
"Oh ow! Knife sharp!"
James Patmore
James Patmore 12 päeva tagasi
Why didn’t I hear I DONT CARE I LOVE IT
classical cat
classical cat 12 päeva tagasi
Excuse me. W h a t?
[DMP Doge]
[DMP Doge] 13 päeva tagasi
i am Forever Acursed to Never be Greg as Notification Don't Work For me.
[DMP Doge]
[DMP Doge] 13 päeva tagasi
You Think a Name Like Bunny is Weird Bruh my Moms Name is Kitty.
Jettheshinobi 13 päeva tagasi
i would like to join greg
Sabrina Smith
Sabrina Smith 13 päeva tagasi
mrs. anime
mrs. anime 13 päeva tagasi
they also made a dating sim on steam im not joking
D GS 13 päeva tagasi
yass u got that right! if a tiny piece of gourmet chocolate proposes to you, you say yes!!
Moni Hyung
Moni Hyung 13 päeva tagasi
“Who are you?” “Jessica” 05:03
Eat My Shorts
Eat My Shorts 13 päeva tagasi
I love the bad aging in this movie
StAr Studioz
StAr Studioz 13 päeva tagasi
He- He’s a Grahdelii!! Oh wait... no that’s the chocolate. Marry the little chocolate man. I’m dying 😂🤣 this is to good
john kitchens
john kitchens 14 päeva tagasi
Secrets out chicken man
youtubeuserdan 14 päeva tagasi
"A light to decent Greg/10" Does Danny watch Fantano or is that just a common rating system?
VINCENT ALBERICH 14 päeva tagasi
SirSquishy 14 päeva tagasi
Simphiwe MathebulA
Simphiwe MathebulA 14 päeva tagasi
Random duder
Random duder 14 päeva tagasi
Wait until he finds out about "I love you colonial sanders!" game on steam.
× RXtt3n ×
× RXtt3n × 15 päeva tagasi
They made a dating sim
Evan Aguilar
Evan Aguilar 15 päeva tagasi
Garibaldi are also small orange fish found in the pacific coast
Mun Areum • 9 years ago
Mun Areum • 9 years ago 15 päeva tagasi
I love Lifetime's movies but this is disappointing lmao.
*•*Kookie_Gacha*•* 15 päeva tagasi
Danny I'm scared
sensitive - mushroom
sensitive - mushroom 15 päeva tagasi
Me on my exams: 12:59
Unusable 16 päeva tagasi
It feels like this movie tried to do a "forbidden love" film kind of things but it failed so badly-
domdom 16 päeva tagasi
why is this like if pride and prejudice was a low budget movie...
Julia Schmidt
Julia Schmidt 17 päeva tagasi
Is is literally (almost) titanic
Nick Doxnaa
Nick Doxnaa 17 päeva tagasi
This was posted on my bday
Frogster 17 päeva tagasi
I. Watching this while eating kfc
Agnia Dragon
Agnia Dragon 17 päeva tagasi
I miss Danny
MamaBearAvie 17 päeva tagasi
“You remember our long weekend in the vineyard?” Ad: get your dad the perfect gift for father day Well...
Remington Massey
Remington Massey 18 päeva tagasi
The whole time I was just imagining an old man falling in love with this young girl 😭
Remington Massey
Remington Massey 18 päeva tagasi
And I feel like the weird beard and grey hair ruins the WHOLE thinggg
Gokuzer z
Gokuzer z 19 päeva tagasi
This seems more like a hallmark movie rather then a lifetime one. In every Hallmark movie the girl gets a new six pack dude, new huge house and career all within the first five minutes. Lifetime has turned more towards crime these days...i'd take a thriller over a corny romance movie anytime.
Noodle Janus
Noodle Janus 19 päeva tagasi
I wrote about this movie and the dating sim for my essay about kfc and Colonel Sanders
mallory l.
mallory l. 19 päeva tagasi
is no one going to talk about how the name of the restaurant is the small grapefruit???
P. Marie
P. Marie 21 päev tagasi
they should've just made colonel sanders a 50-year-old silver fox.
Edward V.
Edward V. 21 päev tagasi
The bicep thing is true, but its my sister that does that so she can keep up with my speedrun walk.
InstantRawMAN 21 päev tagasi
This video is longer than the movie.
giddyisme 22 päeva tagasi
It’s bussin bussin bussin
ツSTRXBEE_C0WS 22 päeva tagasi
who r u? aM jEsSiCA
Codes1973 22 päeva tagasi
Wait KFC made a movie..?-
HairlessCat 645
HairlessCat 645 22 päeva tagasi
Fun fact Colonel Sanders was never a Colonel in the military sense, he was a Kentucky Colonel which is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Kentucky state citizen.
Totally legit YouTube moderator
Totally legit YouTube moderator 22 päeva tagasi
We’re in debt and you have to fix it by possibly ruining the rest of your life! Anyways I just hired a really big and famous up and coming chef to cook for us.
Richeline de Lima
Richeline de Lima 23 päeva tagasi
New Greg here! In the Philippines, the biggest fast food chain Jollibee always makes drama stories/series for their commercials.
SoulGazer Shayn
SoulGazer Shayn 23 päeva tagasi
Why tf did they get Mario Lopez to play Sanders?? And what the hell was that bad dye job? Just NO. EW.
SoulGazer Shayn
SoulGazer Shayn 23 päeva tagasi
@Logic lmao 😂
Logic 23 päeva tagasi
Ayo, i wont tolerate harland slanders
Ajamkid 24 päeva tagasi
My freind and I went to a KFC for lunch and she looked at the logo on the sign and asked me, "why his body is so little?" now I can't unsee it.
The Leviathan
The Leviathan 24 päeva tagasi
Cool your own food! How hard is that? *This video is sponsored by hello fresh*
Nikkii 24 päeva tagasi
7:42 I really wanna see the raw footage of that applause clip before the editing
Ava K
Ava K 24 päeva tagasi
Why the frick doesn't Jessica just call the cops on whats his face when he tries to literally kill someone
monsterultraa 24 päeva tagasi
okay honestly i just wanna know where you got ur sweatshirt danny
Phoebe LaSala
Phoebe LaSala 25 päeva tagasi
Beat it, crouton.
Sambo Ty
Sambo Ty 25 päeva tagasi
isnt the guy that proposed a fish?
Spooper Senshi
Spooper Senshi 25 päeva tagasi
I'd argue that a shy male love interest is a breath of fresh air in terms of romance movies but whatever
Elsa 707
Elsa 707 25 päeva tagasi
I loved this film, SO FLOCKING MUCH!
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