Kung Fu.... Rabbit???

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Danny Gonzalez

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MrNobody 4 tundi tagasi
I love the cooking scenes
lonleyvibesz213 Päev tagasi
He kinda looks like the guy from blues clues
Alyas Fukename
Alyas Fukename 3 päeva tagasi
I bet his neighbors absolutely hate him for creating a trash panda problem....
Landen Gracie
Landen Gracie 4 päeva tagasi
How nobody rickrolled him is beyond me
thecolorlilac -Gurl
thecolorlilac -Gurl 4 päeva tagasi
“This movie, this movie”.
Smurf Licker
Smurf Licker 4 päeva tagasi
Now tell us, how many links were rick rolls?
Ayush Deol
Ayush Deol 4 päeva tagasi
Ive gotten slapped by a monkey instead
Brandman 5 päeva tagasi
He really tryna cosplay as Steve from blues clues 😂
Skelly 5 päeva tagasi
Insert obligatory “ha ha, yes, I am a fan of MCR and I will let everyone know I am a fan of MCR because there was a reference to MCR in this video” comment
PortalLover 6 päeva tagasi
i think by music they meant the movie
Asiya Ahmed
Asiya Ahmed 7 päeva tagasi
Did anyone else notice the nutcracker move positions in the back?
FLB Films
FLB Films 8 päeva tagasi
React to Danny Gonzales
•RadioTelevision• 8 päeva tagasi
First it was legal, now it’s the raccoons! Who is teaching all these people to slap?!
Petty Princess
Petty Princess 8 päeva tagasi
Danny is so wholesome 😭😭 man this is why i love his content and channel 🥺🤍
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma 8 päeva tagasi
Please react to Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale Or I will show up to your house at 3 am in a banana costume
MrOOF _Stardust
MrOOF _Stardust 8 päeva tagasi
I like a fat racoon
potatopouf 9 päeva tagasi
i remember tito and cheeto the raccoons!
PopcornDaddy 102
PopcornDaddy 102 9 päeva tagasi
Why do you look like pale and boring Joe from blue's clues?? Lol not that It's bad I just thought it was funny😂👍
Skinny Lil Bill
Skinny Lil Bill 9 päeva tagasi
Jesus is Lord
Yang Nini
Yang Nini 9 päeva tagasi
Now we know what he likes, let's get more racoon videos for him!
Double A
Double A 10 päeva tagasi
why has no one talked about the fact that the creators of kung fu rabbit created *THE FUCKING HUNGER GAMES*
Jarrah Sangster
Jarrah Sangster 10 päeva tagasi
this movie this movie
Jose Noriega
Jose Noriega 10 päeva tagasi
How the heck did i miss this video???
Demi Gean
Demi Gean 11 päeva tagasi
*REBECCA BLACK* [ Singer of internet sensation *”Friday”* ]
Demi Gean
Demi Gean 11 päeva tagasi
I can’t unsee the *”mark”* on his neck 👁👃🏽👁
Adrigiri Widjaja
Adrigiri Widjaja 12 päeva tagasi
How did no one Rick roll him?
Cartoon Critique
Cartoon Critique 12 päeva tagasi
Well, I guess we know what Danny's favorite animal is. XD
Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple 12 päeva tagasi
Eerie Indiana
Jade Feast
Jade Feast 12 päeva tagasi
The movie trailer: starts off great. The rabbit part: BUH BUH BUH BUM SWEET CAKES STRAIGHT FROM THE OVEN YUMMILIOUS😃
lloid Gale
lloid Gale 12 päeva tagasi
Watch the last air bender (m night shamalan)
I Stole Your Cookies
I Stole Your Cookies 12 päeva tagasi
Lol me and my dad watched the old man with the Racoons awhile ago and the first thing we noticed was how fat they were
Crazy World Cartoons
Crazy World Cartoons 13 päeva tagasi
The rabbit in the thumbnail looks like he wouldn’t be able to see a whole frozen pea with that eye size
Good Doggo
Good Doggo 13 päeva tagasi
g l i z z y t r a s h p a n d a
mr entity unkown
mr entity unkown 13 päeva tagasi
I live in south Carolina
Yousef A
Yousef A 15 päeva tagasi
lol I actually loved this movie and I dont even know why
nailah nur
nailah nur 15 päeva tagasi
just found your channel and hello? ure married?
Danielle Yzabella Dangiwan
Danielle Yzabella Dangiwan 15 päeva tagasi
Kung fu rabbit looks like me rabbit...
JustZseeo 15 päeva tagasi
Is it weird that I saw this movie first than kung fu panda when I was around 6 years old?
Douchopotamus 16 päeva tagasi
this a dystopian sequel to kung fu panda where po turns fascist
The Chill Reaper
The Chill Reaper 16 päeva tagasi
Those dislikes are from the raccoons
Commander Appo CC-1119
Commander Appo CC-1119 16 päeva tagasi
I refuse to believe he didn’t get Rick rolled and just cut it from the video
•pìnk_Strāwbėrry• 17 päeva tagasi
He just said that he’s gonna put out dry food AND cookies. Okay so that- that probably explains why all of them, are *so fat* Had me dead 😂
rayyan rahman
rayyan rahman 18 päeva tagasi
dude the rabbit in kung fu rabbits voice is so annoying
walkingexistentaldread 18 päeva tagasi
“they don’t know what weight means dude” danny that’s fat shaming “if you want them to wait you gotta teach them how” oh
Seth Riedvelt
Seth Riedvelt 18 päeva tagasi
Danny's face at 12:33 tho 🤣🤣🤣
Sally Beth
Sally Beth 18 päeva tagasi
Danny you should totally do a whole video on Kung Fu Rabbit!!
The Crazy Crosonts 1,2&3
The Crazy Crosonts 1,2&3 19 päeva tagasi
Racoon goes oink
wofo73 20 päeva tagasi
well you need to listen this kung fu rabbit in latvian
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 20 päeva tagasi
The high-pitched zephyr clearly include because hand pivotally bake after a polite package. intelligent, abaft charles
Jack-O-Cat 21 päev tagasi
i remember my dad coming home and saying he brought me kung fu rabbit
Porcupine Swine
Porcupine Swine 21 päev tagasi
LMAO I'm so happy you like the raccoon whisperer and tito the raccoon! I've been following them for years :')
Rizky MH
Rizky MH 21 päev tagasi
I watched the movie and it's not that bad really it's good it's better than any bootleg movie even tho the main character is like that but the storyline of the kung Fu rabbit movie is good (it's my opinion btw you can agree or disagree)
Karena Gao
Karena Gao 22 päeva tagasi
fion su
fion su 22 päeva tagasi
You reacted this on my birthday :0
KittycatloverTay Hp fan
KittycatloverTay Hp fan 23 päeva tagasi
I have been slapped by a raccoon
Alexis Buemi
Alexis Buemi 23 päeva tagasi
Wait till he realizes that mice and rats have little hands 😂
NeutralGuyDoubleZero 23 päeva tagasi
Why you lookin like blues clues
Junlin Li
Junlin Li 23 päeva tagasi
cum food = kung fu
Ajamkid 24 päeva tagasi
Omg I fed my freinds rats and it was adorable! They sat on their hind legs and grabbed the treats with their little hands!😍😍😍
Alyanette’s Time
Alyanette’s Time 24 päeva tagasi
I remember watching kung fu rabbit before But I don't remember any of it
Nice 24 päeva tagasi
I love how half of the video was the racoon feeding
psychosparten049 .Esquire
psychosparten049 .Esquire 25 päeva tagasi
All of Kung Fu Rabbit's facial features are socially distancing
Joni Lepistö
Joni Lepistö 25 päeva tagasi
This kung fu rabbit movie made like 14 million $ of loss and then they made sequel for it
bennybenben805 25 päeva tagasi
What a nice old man feeding the racoons
JAI NAIR 25 päeva tagasi
Make a pancada song pls
Saffire Ocean
Saffire Ocean 26 päeva tagasi
The fact that the trailer uses the same music they use in Kungfoo panda just hurts more
pogchamperica 27 päeva tagasi
when did he make this
ryan bambi
ryan bambi 27 päeva tagasi
If I knew you liked raccoon man then I would have sent u a link years ago
sammy weston
sammy weston 27 päeva tagasi
5:12 😏
beanbisket 27 päeva tagasi
Am I Greg?
Oli Guerra
Oli Guerra 28 päeva tagasi
The Everything Channel
The Everything Channel 29 päeva tagasi
That raccoon video seems like a video Callmecarson would watch
Xedrix 29 päeva tagasi
apparently the racoon whisperer guy named every single racoon
cam kelly
cam kelly 29 päeva tagasi
Me: even the rabbit it was surprised when they saw the main character and heard their voice 11:40
cam kelly
cam kelly 29 päeva tagasi
Edit the link is not for the rabbit saying oh my god but just click it
cam kelly
cam kelly 29 päeva tagasi
Danny: can’t make the video about raccoons Every one: it would have been better if you did
The cat is a Monster
The cat is a Monster Місяць tagasi
Eventually those raccoons are gonna implode and turn into a black hole due to how THICC they are
Pink-Perfection Місяць tagasi
That movie should've been called "Bun Fu: Enter the Feets"
SoldMomForChocolate Місяць tagasi
I’m sorry but at the beginning of the video was that kids bop?
Si Pikle
Si Pikle Місяць tagasi
Kidch bup
Snoop Dogg The Certified G
Snoop Dogg The Certified G Місяць tagasi
Kung Fu Rabbit sounds like someone who’s never met a deaf person trying to impersonate a deaf person
Snoop Dogg The Certified G
Snoop Dogg The Certified G Місяць tagasi
Honey badgers have opposable thumbs and are extremely smart as well!
Draven Schrick
Draven Schrick Місяць tagasi
I'm subscribed and all notifications are on I'm officially Greg
Alexandra Calvert
Alexandra Calvert Місяць tagasi
Danny gushing over raccoons is the purest thing ever
Sarah Sutherland
Sarah Sutherland Місяць tagasi
He's been doing it for 20+ years, actually. His wife started it, and asked him to keep feeding them before she passed away. Hes...amazing. The Raccoon Whisper is the definition of wholesome content.
DodoTIC Commentary
DodoTIC Commentary Місяць tagasi
Who else remembers when the Greg sigh used to be geg
Lord Destoyer
Lord Destoyer Місяць tagasi
10:25 mans looks like hes gonna go body hunting in a forest
luvlychxrry Місяць tagasi
When I was younger I watched the movie in the title it was baaddddd 😭😭
ElixirGaming Місяць tagasi
Woah Danny calm down with the hand gestures 5:12
Alexander Dominguez
Alexander Dominguez Місяць tagasi
Ad:"ever heard of league of legends" *skips ad* SWEET CAKES STRAIT FROM THE OVEN
Toxicality77 Місяць tagasi
Mystery Man
Mystery Man Місяць tagasi
Get ready... Lol I wasted your timee
Dominic Scrofano
Dominic Scrofano Місяць tagasi
The point when Danny found out Friday night funkin 7:12 at the bottom of the screen
enoc flores
enoc flores Місяць tagasi
Kung fu rooster
AntonLuvs /Gwenlps 18
AntonLuvs /Gwenlps 18 Місяць tagasi
You look fucking amazing in that shirt.
Emily Contino
Emily Contino Місяць tagasi
Nah nah nah, I love Kung Fu Rabbit guy. I find him incredibly endearing.
Pascal Gerard
Pascal Gerard Місяць tagasi
Danny:This is the worst lovable oaf or main character Vegetales: (the tomato) Allow me to introduce myself Me: =/ they are the same to me
honeyvoicehwang Місяць tagasi
i its 2:15 am i am eating hot dogs i feel attacked and like a trash panda, thanks danny /lh
cora graves
cora graves Місяць tagasi
are the raccoons ok
Cael Bodnar
Cael Bodnar Місяць tagasi
NEVER SPEAK OF RATATOING (or however it's spelled, idk)
NovaBurst [Supernova Gamma ray burst]
NovaBurst [Supernova Gamma ray burst] Місяць tagasi
i've heard that last one so many times
Robert Bassom
Robert Bassom Місяць tagasi
love this video
Robert Bassom
Robert Bassom Місяць tagasi
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