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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEexs, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

cornstarch54 3 tundi tagasi
fun fact: the principal in this movie is also the president in "we can be heroes" and "sharkboy and lavagirl."
OGravesNESM1 4 tundi tagasi
Wendell’s mom is NOT 28!
Rhea13//ytsas47596 6 tundi tagasi
Mo (who I’m just finding out is Naomi Scott) looked so much like Olivia Rodrigo here I was questioning if it was her even though she’s too young
Mark Staudinger
Mark Staudinger 9 tundi tagasi
Sketch with the gun was seriously hilarious
static screen
static screen 10 tundi tagasi
*I'm lemonade rebel*
TenTonNuke 12 tundi tagasi
1:04 What exactly is this guy's job? He's not checking tickets. He's just creep mugging everyone with his greasy hair and awkward body.
sndp 2
sndp 2 13 tundi tagasi
I was in a "punk rock" band when I was in school, the worst we did together was ride in shopping carts hitting parked cars and stole a street sign. These kids literally assaulted like several people in this movie, and got arrested for it once, and they get to play at Madison Square Garden? Is that the message here...? Do I need to assault people for success?
sndp 2
sndp 2 14 tundi tagasi
The fucking caveman grunts made me spit out my drink from laughter
kkStitchings 19 tundi tagasi
You should review Bunk'd. It's a Disney Channel show available on Netflix.
RobDog Päev tagasi
Why is the blonde girl eating pizza while getting cups thrown at her?
Tyrone Kujo
Tyrone Kujo Päev tagasi
If Wendell’s step-mom is 28, that’s pretty different than “in college”. 28 is very clearly a full adult either in advanced education or going back to school later in life, neither of which make this really creepy on the dad’s part
tater tot
tater tot Päev tagasi
Vending machines are usually put out by vendors. Not by the school the school allow the vending machine usually because they get a cut of the money most schools don't own the vending machines
isabel snow
isabel snow Päev tagasi
danny, i would whistle for you. you're not an ugly beast of a man, bestie.
nhyt bhytf
nhyt bhytf Päev tagasi
The sweltering cloth dentsply program because vase lately admire amidst a slippery kick. ten, ten china
18k_al3x 2 päeva tagasi
3:52 oml the guy who says “check out gwens mommy” sounds like edward from arcade craniacs 😭😭😭
Emma Almond
Emma Almond 2 päeva tagasi
It took One Direction about 3 years to play at Madison Square Garden…. Lemonade Mouth took a couple months 😶 Disney channel is on another planrt
Sammy W
Sammy W 2 päeva tagasi
Danny: guitar People: no
Sammy W
Sammy W 2 päeva tagasi
Yes I agree
Sammy W
Sammy W 2 päeva tagasi
Wow the person that made this comment is very funny
nobody no one
nobody no one 2 päeva tagasi
the fact that danny cant tell the difference between a guitar and bass gives me pain
HororMator 2 päeva tagasi
TTERRAG 2 päeva tagasi
i was not expecting 14:06
Shaggy 3 päeva tagasi
Did anybody think it froze here XD 2:17
KremePlaysDestiny 4 päeva tagasi
Drew putting out some good content
George dogramji
George dogramji 4 päeva tagasi
I pull up
George dogramji
George dogramji 4 päeva tagasi
George dogramji
George dogramji 4 päeva tagasi
Lessss gooooo
George dogramji
George dogramji 4 päeva tagasi
MicrowavedSpo0n 4 päeva tagasi
7:29 dude be making anime sounds wtf
Izzy Fullbuster
Izzy Fullbuster 4 päeva tagasi
Protesting the removal of a lemonade machine that is school property that the school has to maintain and is the choice of the schools to remove it and assaulting people over moving the girl who is prohibiting their job from being done is kinda ridiculous?
Lawrence but random
Lawrence but random 5 päeva tagasi
20:28Do not mess with kids lemonade or else you’re going to be literally choked to death
Lawrence but random
Lawrence but random 5 päeva tagasi
A classic reference to another video 4:17
A YouTuber I think
A YouTuber I think 5 päeva tagasi
What’s funny is my dogs name is Stella and she is named after a beer brand and we call her a rat lol
Max kanoe
Max kanoe 5 päeva tagasi
Teddy Duncan
Kokichi's Grape Panta
Kokichi's Grape Panta 5 päeva tagasi
loved this movie so much as a kid 😔
pepsi_mans 5 päeva tagasi
16:25 IS ODD
الحمد لله
الحمد لله 5 päeva tagasi
drinking tea while watching this video was a big mistake
Mr bluesky
Mr bluesky 5 päeva tagasi
Heckrum 6 päeva tagasi
girl wears orange shirt and principle doesnt like her wearing it? coincidence? i think NOT
Dogs_rocks 6 päeva tagasi
17:33 he did that dance in i wanna be santa Claus song
Yuval G
Yuval G 6 päeva tagasi
How did u not talk about how the "question authority" girl like punched one of the other band's members or threw a lemonade at him or sometjings
SquallyCoin 5664
SquallyCoin 5664 6 päeva tagasi
stella k
stella k 6 päeva tagasi
i question authority
iknewsabowasnotdead 7 päeva tagasi
7:34 goddammit i thought they were gonna smooch
nadia obrien
nadia obrien 7 päeva tagasi
im only here for our lesbian jesus, Hayley Kiyoko.
Bella 8 päeva tagasi
how’d danny get acorn to be in his sketch
Ashtyn Kington
Ashtyn Kington 8 päeva tagasi
danny that’s a bass not a guitar 4 strings boo
Avesmyflave 8 päeva tagasi
That must be one long letter damn
Justin Garvida
Justin Garvida 8 päeva tagasi
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alana graff
alana graff 8 päeva tagasi
if i ever see Danny in public ill know to whistle at him so he finally gets to know what its like😊
comedic tragedy
comedic tragedy 8 päeva tagasi
I like how EEexs thinks this is Degrassi.
Tobye Wolfe
Tobye Wolfe 8 päeva tagasi
I think people might have just followed the belief that they shouldn't be silenced during the assembly scene.
kli red
kli red 8 päeva tagasi
The legal owl elderly flood because suggestion understandably occur underneath a easy thread. possessive, legal aftershave
Ryon 8 päeva tagasi
Danny's Sketch at 8:49 is FREAKING HILARIOUS!! Best skit I seen yet! Im in tears!
French Toastyt
French Toastyt 9 päeva tagasi
You look better than gus Johnson
HønneyBëë 9 päeva tagasi
Fuck I forgot what I feel like this movie was probably inspired by ;-;
HønneyBëë 6 päeva tagasi
@Andy it's a really great movie but I forgot what it was called
Andy 6 päeva tagasi
What was it?
PlayTheGamer 10 päeva tagasi
D i s n e y m o v i e s a r e b a d
Zen-Luca Esposito
Zen-Luca Esposito 10 päeva tagasi
It’s bassicly just bad breakfast club
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 10 päeva tagasi
IMVU storys
IMVU storys 10 päeva tagasi
Produced: hay, so yk how we got the blonde guy right Makeup team: yea? P: can we give him no eye brows? Mt: why? P: it'll look way better tho! Mt: ugh, fine!!!!
Z says
Z says 10 päeva tagasi
It was a base!!!!
Electric Límon
Electric Límon 10 päeva tagasi
Fun fact: my moms last name is gregg
Nirvik Maharjan
Nirvik Maharjan 10 päeva tagasi
Brokkr 10 päeva tagasi
9:27 I love the “AAA OOO AAA”
Tcjkwh Jordan
Tcjkwh Jordan 10 päeva tagasi
Verified Creator
Verified Creator 11 päeva tagasi
Imagine if you got copy right claimed for using a song you made for your video? 😂
Ash 11 päeva tagasi
I love how the cop that shows up has his window down even though it's raining just so we can see him ✨
The Gameworm
The Gameworm 11 päeva tagasi
My mum was still in college when she was 39 and shes married
Benjamin Veliqi
Benjamin Veliqi 11 päeva tagasi
The sada will exsplode 😭😭😭😭😭
Lucas Bell
Lucas Bell 11 päeva tagasi
5:53 omg got me dying.... JUST SIT DOWN.. THAT IS NOT YOUR COLOR
Noah Emmerson
Noah Emmerson 11 päeva tagasi
I love the idea of this band following normal band trajectory and needing years of drug rehab and the band breaking up and them all hating each other
Hoping Star E
Hoping Star E 11 päeva tagasi
why do movies like these hate sports so much
Watery * Oasis
Watery * Oasis 12 päeva tagasi
How about you check out this movie called The Kid who Whould be King
Carter Baughman
Carter Baughman 12 päeva tagasi
Wheaton north does not have a basement Danny, you are correct
SunBroSterling 12 päeva tagasi
It’s nice to see that Peaches turned her life around and started working at a school. Some great character development right there.
Lesli Freiberg
Lesli Freiberg 12 päeva tagasi
Break into song when you lose a friend The universal solution for each of life's problem
Kookie_Dow 12 päeva tagasi
He: Says electric guitar when it’s a bass. David504: Oh My Gohd!
Sebastian Gray
Sebastian Gray 12 päeva tagasi
Is that... Velma?
blinking white guy
blinking white guy 12 päeva tagasi
the only reason i watch this movie today is because hayley kiyoko is in it
koi 12 päeva tagasi
moe = jasmine 👁 👁 👄
J.T. 12 päeva tagasi
Wow I saw this movie years and years ago and had almost completely forgotten it until you made this video
J.T. 12 päeva tagasi
ah yes, the UNDERGROUND airplane hanger, makes sense makes sense
Funny video guy
Funny video guy 13 päeva tagasi
"This is the underground." *IT FILLS YOU WITH DETERMINATION!*
ev_rahim ꧂
ev_rahim ꧂ 13 päeva tagasi
*does wolf whistle for danny*
molly098 13 päeva tagasi
13:40 ed sheeran
Supervisor Streams
Supervisor Streams 13 päeva tagasi
yo i left and made scrambled eggs and when i cant back from eating outside i swear first i thought i was going blind cuz i never see the outside light but second i unpaused the video and i just heard ASS
ben 13 päeva tagasi
ocean fan
ocean fan 13 päeva tagasi
my class is watching it rn cus were finished with work idk y just remembered that this is a thing
Doodles Malrkey
Doodles Malrkey 13 päeva tagasi
Is it bad that I actually like this movie?
Sullivan • 100 years ago
Sullivan • 100 years ago 13 päeva tagasi
Nope I do to
Kraken 13 päeva tagasi
g *e* rg
[deleted] 13 päeva tagasi
i cant believe those kids actually tried strangling two men who are just doing their job😭😭
Sullivan • 100 years ago
Sullivan • 100 years ago 13 päeva tagasi
When was that?
[deleted] 13 päeva tagasi
my cringe level went up the roof when she said "my shirt my decision, don't take your school take away your right " why do you sound so oppressed over a shirt
__strawberrymilk__ 14 päeva tagasi
Your so unpopular and my new favourite gacha EEexsr you need more followers
lil cloaker
lil cloaker 14 päeva tagasi
So I'm scrolling through all the comments and no one is talking about the sick beat that Danny made 9:01
Rejoice Celadiña
Rejoice Celadiña 14 päeva tagasi
i just found out that Mo was Jasmine in the Aladdin remake
Someone Maybe
Someone Maybe 14 päeva tagasi
“His bones are getting squishy” Made me laugh so much
kli red
kli red 15 päeva tagasi
The wistful hallway syntactically rule because crate ecologically tow anenst a utopian division. cheerful, detailed park
Bryan Rodriguez
Bryan Rodriguez 15 päeva tagasi
Does Danny not know what a bass is?
Barren polo
Barren polo 15 päeva tagasi
9:28 me and my brother doing who can scream louder competition in my sister's room 9:30 my sister
PuddyCat 16 päeva tagasi
Oh damn we’re gonna get an original idea from disney channel? I can’t wait to see the band’s travels and their friction between members and all of tha- oh nevermind it’s just another high school show.
Barbra stanwick
Barbra stanwick 16 päeva tagasi
23:37 can we just, Queen did that
Sabina Westhagen
Sabina Westhagen 16 päeva tagasi
is wearing socks and sandals bad? *looks down* wearing socks and sandals shoot
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 16 päeva tagasi
at 1:44 the girl in purple blatantly stares directly at the camera, before suddenly looking away realising she just broke the fourth wall. oof. didn't take long.
InVālįdPērsøń 4Ø4
InVālįdPērsøń 4Ø4 16 päeva tagasi
I swear there are girls like Stella in my school that think that they’re the main character
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