DIGTOK (w/ Drew Gooden and Kurtis Conner)

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Danny Gonzalez

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Chase Lavicka
Chase Lavicka Tund tagasi
They look like brothers
emil k
emil k 7 tundi tagasi
The Arkangel episode of Black Mirror is a great example of the classic Mom vs Dude story type
EDH_DnB 7 tundi tagasi
Netflix: Are you still watching? Somebody’s Daughter: 25:24
icyhot toothpaste
icyhot toothpaste Päev tagasi
pls why does the thumbnail look like one of those animorph books
Potato Legs
Potato Legs Päev tagasi
grandma saw me watching this video and her questions were 1) is [danny] a man or a woman? 2) is [danny] one of your DnD friends? which was hilarious so shout out to my grandma.
Haematic AJ
Haematic AJ Päev tagasi
the name Danny put for the zoom meeting was "My best friends" 11:56
Audrey Hartwell
Audrey Hartwell 2 päeva tagasi
Danny’s hair is just so 🤌
Francisco Rosa
Francisco Rosa 2 päeva tagasi
5:24 don’t judge a book by it’s cover
FurFox S
FurFox S 2 päeva tagasi
Bruh I was watching this and then I got a Notification that Danny is live so ya
Tailey Kay
Tailey Kay 2 päeva tagasi
the first virtual collab ive seen that is funny and entertaining
Sandra King
Sandra King 2 päeva tagasi
The spotted pediatrician wailly imagine because calendar previously care except a beneficial comb. descriptive, evanescent carnation
CASEY GORMLEY 2 päeva tagasi
2:24 ah yes eliminate problems = eliminate family
Izzy Fullbuster
Izzy Fullbuster 3 päeva tagasi
These people are just mobile ads
Blake Pettys
Blake Pettys 3 päeva tagasi
Why are they on zoom when they’re in the same room?
Boho Biscuit
Boho Biscuit 3 päeva tagasi
i thought that was slim shady
the upside down brick
the upside down brick 3 päeva tagasi
awesome and cool video
fries4me10 4 päeva tagasi
6:59 they’re playing terraria
NiceIsBetterThanNice 4 päeva tagasi
Ngl, you guys should make a podcast
MasterBeef 5 päeva tagasi
This is one of few videos I've rewatched tons of times.
Abtaf Jahan Romana
Abtaf Jahan Romana 5 päeva tagasi
Rives Indian tv shows
XxDest_TINYxX 5 päeva tagasi
DigTok? More like Dic-
Tushar Hegde
Tushar Hegde Päev tagasi
@AirLight Close but its actually diclofenac sodium tablets
AirLight 3 päeva tagasi
@XxDest_TINYxX did I get it right?
AirLight 3 päeva tagasi
@XxDest_TINYxX Dictatorship?
XxDest_TINYxX 3 päeva tagasi
@AirLight good one but not quite...
AirLight 3 päeva tagasi
Alex Paulk
Alex Paulk 5 päeva tagasi
The name of their video chat room is “my best friends” 🥺
AP0110 -
AP0110 - 6 päeva tagasi
When danny turns 70 he’s just going to be a toddler
Josephine Waller
Josephine Waller 6 päeva tagasi
Hi quick question for anyone who knows can you buy Danny's merch in the UK!?
Jethron 6 päeva tagasi
ok this is a small detail but at the beggining with the merch ad idk why but the green screen overlap and his body just look SO damn good+
sneaky squid
sneaky squid 6 päeva tagasi
mom vs dude
Prince Mittal
Prince Mittal 6 päeva tagasi
Kurtis looks like lazar beam
Naziha Here
Naziha Here 6 päeva tagasi
June 9th, 2021 This was both adorable and hilarious
Zombified MX5
Zombified MX5 6 päeva tagasi
I think it is funny how they consistently use a BMW I8 to demonstrate a supercar out of everything else.
Wags360 7 päeva tagasi
God it’s hilarious
James Bigelow
James Bigelow 7 päeva tagasi
frick this came out on my birthday
karasu unknown
karasu unknown 7 päeva tagasi
ive been waiting for this day
· 7 päeva tagasi
19:05 DIE BABY
《ruler breadcrumbs》
《ruler breadcrumbs》 8 päeva tagasi
charm ebonia
charm ebonia 8 päeva tagasi
Shaeleigh Fraser
Shaeleigh Fraser 9 päeva tagasi
10:37 he was going to get pizza lol
Evelyn Ondo
Evelyn Ondo 9 päeva tagasi
This video is so weird for me. Some parts of what they said were familiar to me? Like something lost in my memory from a long time ago? But it was made recently and was unwatched. It's so weird to me.
B. A. F.
B. A. F. 10 päeva tagasi
The tiktoks are dumb mobile game apps for life
Lydia Best
Lydia Best 10 päeva tagasi
wait drew looks SO much like Slimecicle
A Random Brody
A Random Brody 10 päeva tagasi
"My mom died." "time to dig her grave"
Naomi and other fictional characters
Naomi and other fictional characters 11 päeva tagasi
I feel like Drew looks like Danny’s dad/older brother, and Kurtis looks like Danny’s weird uncle.
funnymanguydudebuddyfriend 11 päeva tagasi
these people feel like sims
anny 11 päeva tagasi
Strange Moustache
Strange Moustache 11 päeva tagasi
Do they know about the Virtual Boy?
Flowi 💕
Flowi 💕 8 päeva tagasi
probably not
Minu Thomas
Minu Thomas 11 päeva tagasi
Kurtis's face at 5:00 lmaoo
Xavier Wolfe
Xavier Wolfe 12 päeva tagasi
u should make a group channel
Flappytheweeb 12 päeva tagasi
Why do drew and kurtis look like they are not even intrested in talking to Danny 😂
Flappytheweeb 12 päeva tagasi
I like how Danny sells his merch with the solar green screen
Mark Lunar
Mark Lunar 12 päeva tagasi
Feels like I'm watching very bad game ads.
John Dover
John Dover 12 päeva tagasi
Man screw king Kong versus godzila its all about mom versus dude hell yeah
chemikol 13 päeva tagasi
They are the same format with different fonts
MurdrDucc6806 13 päeva tagasi
boyfriEND girlfriEND best friEND friEND Little stinkers Only little stinkers have no end, little stinkers will never wrong you
AirLight 3 päeva tagasi
@MurdrDucc6806 ok good
MurdrDucc6806 3 päeva tagasi
@AirLight greg too
AirLight 3 päeva tagasi
What about Greg
moony 13 päeva tagasi
The studying Mom vs. Dude in AP lang cause it's a classic joke does not get enough attention 😭😭
beet 13 päeva tagasi
69 funi number
ecksdee 13 päeva tagasi
why does kurtis look like he owns a motorcycle and can just whip it out and start riding on it at any given time
Eman 13 päeva tagasi
Kurtis: sounds like a 12 year old Danny: looks like a 12 year old Drew: IS a 12 year old
Tyler D
Tyler D 13 päeva tagasi
No one will be able to change my mind on the fact that they are all in the same house
Fukernut Asfuk
Fukernut Asfuk 13 päeva tagasi
the green screen used in the videos makes Spy kids 3D look like a masterpiece
Luke Deutschbauer
Luke Deutschbauer 13 päeva tagasi
Why do all these tik toks look like mobile game ads
Anasyub 14 päeva tagasi
i love how the zoom call says "participants 1"
potatopouf 14 päeva tagasi
i love collab
kat moore
kat moore 14 päeva tagasi
they look like they could all be in the same room
ytlokop 14 päeva tagasi
17:27 But her friends were helping her get up why was she so angry at them???
kamryn bouyett
kamryn bouyett 14 päeva tagasi
2:28 the throat air laughs
Juliann Harris
Juliann Harris 14 päeva tagasi
Lol I can’t find it but someone said they look like every single type of father at the family barbecue
Milk_boy 1
Milk_boy 1 14 päeva tagasi
The truth behind these people is that they’re mole people
Feyre, High Lady of The Night Court
Feyre, High Lady of The Night Court 15 päeva tagasi
When you just realized Drew is the road work ahead guy.... it’s one of the most iconic vines in history how did I not figure this out until now
Jack 15 päeva tagasi
its the 1 participant in the zoom call for me
Big Thief Sweaty
Big Thief Sweaty 15 päeva tagasi
22:28-2:40 the funniest part
:Shædow: 15 päeva tagasi
ruth hanan
ruth hanan 15 päeva tagasi
it is so wholesome that he zoom call is named 'my best friends'
Jacob S
Jacob S 15 päeva tagasi
This says a lot about society
Pokimations 16 päeva tagasi
Moral of the story Don’t dig
hehe your so silly
hehe your so silly 16 päeva tagasi
name a more iconic trio
stoop 16 päeva tagasi
kurtis looks lke slime cicle
SourPatchSquid 16 päeva tagasi
Drew: The father Danny: The son Kurtis: The Holy Ghost
That One Guy
That One Guy 18 tundi tagasi
Thy Doctor
Thy Doctor 3 päeva tagasi
Father? I hardly know her
Talan Dowd
Talan Dowd 16 päeva tagasi
dont dig down or else you will die-minecraft
It’s Sophie
It’s Sophie 16 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or do they all look a lot alike 🤨
𝕛𝕦𝕟𝕠 16 päeva tagasi
babe wake up new comfort video just dropped!
Nikola Wiśniewicz
Nikola Wiśniewicz 17 päeva tagasi
Seeing Danny so entertained and amused makes me feel warmth at heart
crushchronicles 17 päeva tagasi
there are two wolves inside you. one thinks it's a six, one thinks it's a nine. they are sixty-nining.
Cc Letiko
Cc Letiko 17 päeva tagasi
Where can I get friends like this? Please comment below
anonymouse 18 päeva tagasi
they all laugh the exact same way and it's adorable
I Eat Garbage
I Eat Garbage 18 päeva tagasi
Dig safely
just a smøl tøwn gir
just a smøl tøwn gir 18 päeva tagasi
Everyone keeps saying that drew looks like Charlie slimecicle and it’s KILLING MEEEEE. Tbh I need that collab
𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓶𝓫𝓮𝓻 18 päeva tagasi
cant believe im at such a low point that i laughed for 5 minutes straight at kurtis saying "two wolves 69ing"
Brittanie Semper
Brittanie Semper 18 päeva tagasi
I had to come back because the ad after this video immediately said "so who climbs ladders..." and then I didn't hear the rest because I was chortling
Hristo Kisev
Hristo Kisev 18 päeva tagasi
More like DEEPTOK
Izzy Mcglizzy
Izzy Mcglizzy 18 päeva tagasi
omg i absolutely love this collab 😂 y'all need to collab more
daden sheldon
daden sheldon 18 päeva tagasi
Why’s kurtis voice sound like yoda
HororMator 18 päeva tagasi
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu 18 päeva tagasi
This is my favorite video
Émilie Caruso
Émilie Caruso 18 päeva tagasi
This video is just Danny times three
Sally Beth
Sally Beth 18 päeva tagasi
Omg Drew has the freakin 'Road Work Ahead' sign in the background😂
pp poo
pp poo 18 päeva tagasi
I think the image of the girl dancing is from a tampon box
jackson sk8s
jackson sk8s 18 päeva tagasi
Danny actually laughing is so funny he sounds like my friend
Drayden The king
Drayden The king 19 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or do the boys hair be looking fly as of recent
Alpha_Pineapple 19 päeva tagasi
15:14 pretty sure thats joy xD
Saiyan Octane
Saiyan Octane 19 päeva tagasi
“Uh” “Uhmm
Manami McNair
Manami McNair 20 päeva tagasi
The public school system: “If I can’t perfectly regurgitate everything I’ve learned I haven’t learned a thing”
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