Spooky House: The Worst Halloween Movie Ever

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Danny Gonzalez

Nunya Biznas
Nunya Biznas 2 tundi tagasi
Okay so, maybe dawn star didn’t turn back because she put the spell on herself thinking that the great Zamboni would change his mind soon, but the spell can only be undone if he stopped... hating children.
John Huuki
John Huuki 5 tundi tagasi
I wonder if the great Zamboni puts water on ice for a magic trick
Pascal Simioli
Pascal Simioli 5 tundi tagasi
Wait the Great Zambone is a tiny lil weird ok, but the kid is straight up emotionally manipulating. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed his own parents.
Kmart60- Destiny Stuff
Kmart60- Destiny Stuff 22 tundi tagasi
All I’m thinking when the vans on fire is that let it die let it die let it shrivel up and come on who’s with me
Munchie Kwean
Munchie Kwean Päev tagasi
I saw the jaguar thing coming
Nina Chang
Nina Chang Päev tagasi
At first: I’m walking the Jaguar End: I’m walking my wife
Nina Chang
Nina Chang Päev tagasi
13:10 Severus snape?
Lillie Ampurra
Lillie Ampurra 2 päeva tagasi
rewatching the beginning after knowing why dawn star left makes it a whole lot funnier. girl steps out onto the stage with the look on her face that says 'i am going to frame you for murder in t-minus five minutes'
Lillie Ampurra
Lillie Ampurra 2 päeva tagasi
be prepared... to have your illusions.. SHAT
Avery Beerman
Avery Beerman 3 päeva tagasi
Imagine your wife turning into a large cat until you adopt an annoying child…
Sid L
Sid L 3 päeva tagasi
ngl i kinda expected that zambonis wife was gonna pop out of the other one i literally said it to myself
Hman360 4 päeva tagasi
Yes I get the reference
Caßey Chu
Caßey Chu 4 päeva tagasi
I keep thinking this dude is Snape
Brokkr 4 päeva tagasi
Hearing him repeat *”I hate children”* is hysterical to me.
Zaquery Zabower
Zaquery Zabower 4 päeva tagasi
I'm suprized that people remember vine but yes I do remember that vine
x_ oayx
x_ oayx 5 päeva tagasi
i love ur vids sm
x_ oayx
x_ oayx 5 päeva tagasi
LuxMoon 5 päeva tagasi
Wait… I don’t know why I think that this movie is good? SOMETHING IS WRONGGGG
Srihitha Susarla
Srihitha Susarla 5 päeva tagasi
4:10 wtf is that quackity???
naethen george
naethen george 5 päeva tagasi
technoblade is gonna kill max cuz he's a orphan and techno's sword is called "orphan obliterator
Thomas M
Thomas M 5 päeva tagasi
“We were all just vibing looking for this goat” - Danny
Neal’s Channel
Neal’s Channel 6 päeva tagasi
Idk why but 2:48 scared the sh*t out of me lmao
spooky_ghosty 6 päeva tagasi
“I hate kids” “You know what I’m gonna turn into a Jaguar just because you don’t like kids”
TransPlant 161
TransPlant 161 7 päeva tagasi
Danny has clearly never been around goats
Gacha Toons
Gacha Toons 7 päeva tagasi
*i hate children.*
J Girl
J Girl 9 päeva tagasi
Is anyone gonna mention that at about 5:00 in the pizza scene, no child actor looks like they've ever held pizza in their life? Like, they look super confused
internet time
internet time 9 päeva tagasi
littledisneynerd23 9 päeva tagasi
I had forgotten about this movie until this video...and I still kinda vibe with it XD
Daniel 2
Daniel 2 9 päeva tagasi
plot twist:these childrens open discord and turn on light mode so it's as bright as a flashlight
upshurs 10 päeva tagasi
50 bucks the jaguar turns into his wife
Dylan Dalmatian Is a bi icon
Dylan Dalmatian Is a bi icon 8 päeva tagasi
@upshurs *lines up*
upshurs 10 päeva tagasi
line up ladies i solved the reveal to a children's movie two minutes in
Wren The Sandwing
Wren The Sandwing 11 päeva tagasi
Max looks like Kevin from Home Alone
dorlo gfleshan
dorlo gfleshan 11 päeva tagasi
geussed it by just thinking the jaguar is not there and/or the wife comes out
Birthquake Records
Birthquake Records 11 päeva tagasi
What in the racist hell was this twist ending
Em 11 päeva tagasi
Ok but like I thought it was gonna go in the direction of the magician dude being the dad and the wife being the mother of max and that’s why he’s going to be an orphan bahah
Mr hat 1234 plays
Mr hat 1234 plays 11 päeva tagasi
Worst? I think that movie was good
Mary Lucivero
Mary Lucivero 11 päeva tagasi
aspookyblunt 11 päeva tagasi
Not an american Soldier
Not an american Soldier 12 päeva tagasi
The kid should have said “Help let me go.” X24 times
Shawn Colarusso
Shawn Colarusso 12 päeva tagasi
I like how they never address the fact that Zamboni’s wife is a Native American priestess who is always dressed in full ceremonial garb.
Ангелина Тоньшина
Ангелина Тоньшина 12 päeva tagasi
Admit it, you also wanted to grow up into a cool man in black clothes, who walks with his own jaguar, lives in a big creepy mansion with traps, and all people consider you a wizard or a vampire
coconutcore 13 päeva tagasi
Wait but...Danny said “that’s what Gregs do”. Are we called the Gregs or are we Greg? I didn’t think I was “a Greg”, I thought I was a part of Greg.
Baby Ducky2799
Baby Ducky2799 13 päeva tagasi
I love the sweat shirt
green satchel
green satchel 13 päeva tagasi
The reason why the laptop was so bright is because they had 2002 discord light mode on
Michael Landis
Michael Landis 14 päeva tagasi
I can prove that the magician knew his wife was the panther. When the panther got in the rocket, it was sideways, as you would expect because it's a panther, but when the panther was supposed to be getting out, it was right-side-up, so a human could fit. Either a really big movie mistake or an easter egg. . .
A M 14 päeva tagasi
Me during my next dance recital: *I hate children* My mom: becomes a whole ass gorilla
Sadie Pritchett
Sadie Pritchett 14 päeva tagasi
I think the wife was shadow and she just turned back
Sophia Sturtevant
Sophia Sturtevant 15 päeva tagasi
Ray K
Ray K 15 päeva tagasi
Dude if I turned my beautiful wife into a panther I’d run away to live in a spook house too
shawn hunter’s wife
shawn hunter’s wife 15 päeva tagasi
isn’t the theme song for this movie just the magic school bus theme song
Lucas Smart
Lucas Smart 16 päeva tagasi
Devin Dalton
Devin Dalton 17 päeva tagasi
I thought Ben Kingsley was Salvador Dalí in the thumbnail.
JJ Bush
JJ Bush 17 päeva tagasi
Can you review monster night next Halloween?!?!
Matt Wix
Matt Wix 18 päeva tagasi
I mean, surely we can infer Dawn Star turned into the Panther because she wanted kids and Zamboni was reluctant? The outfit she's wearing at the end too makes her look somewhat Native American, who had plenty of shapeshifting myths.
Captain Pointless
Captain Pointless 18 päeva tagasi
Who ever came up with that twist deserves a good right cross
Barrett Kennedy
Barrett Kennedy 18 päeva tagasi
The fact that Danny doesn’t let go the fact that he may or may not have killed his wife kept me watching
I like to eat batteries
I like to eat batteries 19 päeva tagasi
9:16 “mommy come here” excuse me?
Brandy Stukes
Brandy Stukes 21 päev tagasi
Blake Ivey
Blake Ivey 21 päev tagasi
Can't believe this. No,no,no. Can't believe this. No,no,no. Can't believe this. No,no,no.
Savannah Stargaze
Savannah Stargaze 22 päeva tagasi
My theory is that the great zamboni did this all as a publicity stunt
Douchopotamus 22 päeva tagasi
Jaguar? Man's doesn't know a bagheera when he sees one
Linkd 23 päeva tagasi
Ghostess 23 päeva tagasi
"I don't know how the goat could possibly be up there, but it is somehow." This is goat ownership in a nutshell. It's what they do.
Cometisthebest True
Cometisthebest True 23 päeva tagasi
I’m calling it before I see the girl who is doing the steal things is the wife
Wiktoria Hybs
Wiktoria Hybs 24 päeva tagasi
you draw nice flags
Anthony St-Onge
Anthony St-Onge 24 päeva tagasi
5:14 I swear to god I have seen this exact car model rooted into the ground in the forest near my house wtf was it that bad at the time? bitch done did rot in the fucking woods for 50+ years
pedro. sanchez
pedro. sanchez 24 päeva tagasi
It looks like saw at 11:50
weirdnessfades 25 päeva tagasi
"it's what I get I guess for k-" *Commercial*
Aiden Lockwood
Aiden Lockwood 25 päeva tagasi
I wanted the two rockets to explode so bad
hour748mighty 26 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or Dan need to be above pewdipie.
Mikoto Kuriyama
Mikoto Kuriyama 26 päeva tagasi
"So, you fucked a Panther"
Blaze Rod
Blaze Rod 26 päeva tagasi
When watching this movie with making me like the creator of this movie but your the manager boss , like when there's a weird CGI moment it will stop then you will complain
Overall Hufflepuff
Overall Hufflepuff 27 päeva tagasi
Video : spooky noises and creepy sounds Me wearing the headphone : 👌
Aiman Daffa Al Ansori
Aiman Daffa Al Ansori 27 päeva tagasi
when ur mom sed covid is over: 13:12
Jacqueline Sliwinski
Jacqueline Sliwinski 28 päeva tagasi
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa eu to surtandooooo Faz anos que procuro o nome desse filme que passou na sessão da tarde em 2008 e não encontro, daí comecei a ver esses canais comentando filmes em inglês pra treinar o idioma e encontrei esse vídeo, na mesma hora reconheci o Max Obrigadaaaaa EEexsr americano, muito obrigada 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Ksav 28 päeva tagasi
I actually called it, like as soon as we saw him like when it said 13 years later. Pretty proud of myself
Wrinkle Bum
Wrinkle Bum 28 päeva tagasi
This was uploaded on my birthday
Annoying Red
Annoying Red 28 päeva tagasi
His wife could get a baby that’s why he blew her (lol)
Patricia Uch
Patricia Uch 28 päeva tagasi
Guy: I hate kids Girl: alr, ima be a panther and psychologically manipulate you by faking my death real quick!
Doge Pickle
Doge Pickle 29 päeva tagasi
I thought the old lady who commanded the bullies was his wife lol
Sweet Creature
Sweet Creature 29 päeva tagasi
PLEASE DANNY REVIEW, NOW YOU SEE IT (a disney channel movie) for the next Halloween!
Sketchlord 29 päeva tagasi
I was certain Dawn was going to show back up in the rocket at the end. And until I literally saw the magical collar end shot, I thought you'd just misinterpreted it and the panther was it's own thing that she'd just switched out for the reveal that she'd framed him for murder as a goof. Anyway, it's clearly the work of those demons mentioned in the intro.
Stonk Monke
Stonk Monke 29 päeva tagasi
I love the fact how he's wearing spooky boy while discussing about spooky house
Bricko Games
Bricko Games 29 päeva tagasi
You know, I am surprised nobody thought the wife would return. Though, I didn’t think she was the jaguar, I thought the jaguar would disappear and be replaced by the wife.
Benton Dodge
Benton Dodge 29 päeva tagasi
The wife is a Jaguar
YourLocalMason Місяць tagasi
Aan Ban Can Dan Ean Fan Gan Han Ian Jan Kan Lan Man Nan Oan Pan Qan Ran San Tan Uan Van Wan Xan Yan Zan
Ella Hansen
Ella Hansen Місяць tagasi
did anyone else actually expect the end or just me?
Netherite Hoe
Netherite Hoe Місяць tagasi
Spoutnik 1992
Spoutnik 1992 Місяць tagasi
Danny hardest brag.... Not being an orphan.
Arsala Khan
Arsala Khan Місяць tagasi
"Or A gOoD rIgHt CrOsS!" Thats the best part of the video!
ICouldn’tThinkOfABetterName Місяць tagasi
Yeah i knew the wife was gonna come out of the rocket
D bearded1
D bearded1 Місяць tagasi
To be fair towards Zamboni, I also would be angry at a bunch if kids that keep breaking into my house
TheStapleGunKid Місяць tagasi
Yeah the ending doesn't make sense, but overall this really doesn't seem like that bad of a film, let alone the worst Halloween movie ever. Just seems like a typical kids movie with some gaping plot holes.
AKA Chicken Nuggets
AKA Chicken Nuggets Місяць tagasi
Dawnstar... all I can think about is Warrior Cat’s oh my god
epic gamer yes
epic gamer yes Місяць tagasi
I guessed it does that means I'm smort or just too weird
TheStapleGunKid Місяць tagasi
So she leaves for 11 years and nearly got Zamboni convicted of murder, and he's just totally cool with that? "Yeah honey, I know you almost got me sent to prison for the rest of my life, but it's all good."
The tax people
The tax people Місяць tagasi
Is it bad that I saw the end coming?
Donnie Higbee
Donnie Higbee Місяць tagasi
I wanna be as petty as Dawn Star. "Oh you don't want a kid? I'll come back when you come to your senses. Let me know, I'll wait."
Donnie Higbee
Donnie Higbee Місяць tagasi
The kid just wants a cool dad
Donnie Higbee
Donnie Higbee Місяць tagasi
Scaring kids is fun. And to be fair he was asking them to stay away nicely. And those kids are trespassing.
Donnie Higbee
Donnie Higbee Місяць tagasi
The great Zamboni is the most interesting man in the world.
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