Maybe The Worst Prank

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Danny Gonzalez

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The Stokes twins hit different in this one

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEexs, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

CONNOR BRECHT 3 päeva tagasi
This is not funny when Danny made fun of a dead wife... Let’s cancel Danny BTW this is a joke
Fighter04 3 päeva tagasi
That scotts joke is absolutely hilarious!
Sophi West
Sophi West 3 päeva tagasi
Gonna tell my kids this was twenty one pilots
poptart poptart
poptart poptart 4 päeva tagasi
not sure how this sat in their mind and just decided “yea, we should fake a crime for a prank video.” what did they think was gonna happen? get away with it? it just makes no sense. and the fact how they were bragging about it to those people about the cops questioning what they were doing is just so, childish. not sure how it was funny.
Gacha Toons
Gacha Toons 5 päeva tagasi
I- frog man.
Doodles Malrkey
Doodles Malrkey 5 päeva tagasi
Is it bad that throught most of the video, all I could think about was how he said bang bang, when talking about a bow and arrow
The Don Purpleman Radio Hour
The Don Purpleman Radio Hour 5 päeva tagasi
I like the police officers cute little parrot shirt
Emily Bowerman
Emily Bowerman 6 päeva tagasi
“Crime gone wrong?”
womp womp womp yeah yeah yeah
womp womp womp yeah yeah yeah 6 päeva tagasi
1:55 AH oh its the Scotts coming for the Stoke twins THEY'RE NOT ATTACKING US GUYS IT'S FINE
larry shampoo
larry shampoo 6 päeva tagasi
as a twin, i have to say that twins share half a felony each
kodak green
kodak green 6 päeva tagasi
Holy shit I just realized the song is called "The Scotts" because it's performed by Travis Scott and Kid Cudi, AKA Scott Mescudi
:D 6 päeva tagasi
i literally feel the second hand embarrassment
E 7 päeva tagasi
Why do i feel like Danny is secretly a DC comics nerd? "Scott Free" = Mister Miracle
Lovely Scrub Gaming
Lovely Scrub Gaming 7 päeva tagasi
"1 like = 1 I dont suck" lmao
Yesteday's Pizza
Yesteday's Pizza 7 päeva tagasi
Man, this Drew Gooden guy is funny
Larry's potato
Larry's potato 8 päeva tagasi
Jeez I genuinely feel bad for that Uber driver, just trying to get on with his day and make a living and some stupid kids come and try and "prank" him
•Lovely Yuri•
•Lovely Yuri• 8 päeva tagasi
I am simple hooman I see frog shirt *i stan*
Vladimir Pavliv
Vladimir Pavliv 8 päeva tagasi
10:37 look how interested everyone is (not) they all proly got paid to stand there and laugh
angelina vlogs
angelina vlogs 9 päeva tagasi
the video made me uncomforted ...
blueblaze_ 09
blueblaze_ 09 10 päeva tagasi
TheRussianBias 10 päeva tagasi
"crime gone wrong? gone sexual!"
Iris 11 päeva tagasi
Their video gave me so much second hand embarrassment😃
MDT - Epicx_Gamer
MDT - Epicx_Gamer 12 päeva tagasi
Honestly, I prefer staged pranks than these pranks wasting the police's time.
a biss
a biss 12 päeva tagasi
Hi Danny! You always make me laugh. Thank you for that. :D
coconutcore 14 päeva tagasi
These guys are the single most ridiculous example of “It was just a prank, bro!” They just...they just don’t see how what they’re doing is wrong at all.
Birthquake Records
Birthquake Records 14 päeva tagasi
This prank video is extremely cringey and it’s making me very uncomfortable. I can’t believe they thought this was a good idea
Jason Voorhees for DBD
Jason Voorhees for DBD 14 päeva tagasi
The lady on the stairs at 3:08 is me I take caution on stairs
Color Skull
Color Skull 15 päeva tagasi
Maybe if they dressed more jokingly, like maybe wearing stupid Halloween costumes that makes it obviously difficult to even walk straight maybe it’d be more funny and less of a crime
Gen Young
Gen Young 15 päeva tagasi
I just blew on ice cream.......
spooky sammy
spooky sammy 15 päeva tagasi
danny i love u but i cringed too hard at them to finish this video
Reagan Alice
Reagan Alice 15 päeva tagasi
10:38 This makes me SICK. They are LITERALLY LAUGHING about how a 100% *innocent* man that they dragged into their *stupid* prank got *15* GUNS PULLED ON HIM. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! THEY ARE 23!!! THEY ARE ADULTS!!! MY 5 YEAR OLD SISTER KNOWS BETTER THAN THIS!!!! That poor Uber driver could have literally been KILLED over this. Smh...
Bagel in Pond
Bagel in Pond 15 päeva tagasi
Issa loy
Issa loy 15 päeva tagasi
Wait, he's married? no simping for me 😔
Relished Hotdog
Relished Hotdog 17 päeva tagasi
They think this is funny, but it’s not. My grandpa used to be an Uber driver. He stopped because he once was unknowingly a getaway driver.
Egg 17 päeva tagasi
Brendan Yuki
Brendan Yuki 17 päeva tagasi
Hehe it’s for the best the people steal content from smaller youtubers anyways like Charles the french
Douchopotamus 18 päeva tagasi
They saw that British guy ask the cop where the bank is and took it too far
Shaganaa Gunarajan
Shaganaa Gunarajan 18 päeva tagasi
This is ~fucked~ up.
Athena Ng
Athena Ng 20 päeva tagasi
So they shoot the video, got stop by the police, bragged about it, edited the video, post the video and still thought it was a good idea and was okay……
Faith Kincaid
Faith Kincaid 21 päev tagasi
the fact that they’re both poc. this is so disappointing. this could’ve went so wrong. WHO IS WATCHING THIS.
Faith Kincaid
Faith Kincaid 21 päev tagasi
he literally said “please” when he wanted them to get out of his car.
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 22 päeva tagasi
*Maybe* the worst prank *MAYBE*
Theunknown 22 päeva tagasi
Ah these twins One of the few people immune to brain cancer
Arthur Pietro Garcia
Arthur Pietro Garcia 23 päeva tagasi
I hate the fact that most pranks that are funny,don't harm anyone are fake while the ones that are the pinnacle of not funny,and could harm people is real
The Fake Slim Shady
The Fake Slim Shady 24 päeva tagasi
What if the prank was the police reports...?
Szofi Daroczi-Kosa
Szofi Daroczi-Kosa 24 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who saw that the GREG sign on the ground?
Lesbian loser in quarantine
Lesbian loser in quarantine 24 päeva tagasi
ah yes... giving my uber driver trauma hahahahah so funnyyyy
Maximus Wagner
Maximus Wagner 25 päeva tagasi
Desir3r 26 päeva tagasi
wouldn't this also be disturbance of peace lol
Uh oh Spagehettio
Uh oh Spagehettio 26 päeva tagasi
Danny predicted it... Everybody’s gonna jail. Jame Charles who🤔
Szofi Daroczi-Kosa
Szofi Daroczi-Kosa 24 päeva tagasi
🌌 I N D E E D 🌌
Suchwowitzmads 26 päeva tagasi
Pranks have gone really far to the point that the Uber driver almost lost his life bc of a couple of stupid fucking influencers. They shouldn't be influencers. They should have their platform taken down if they are doing things this dangerous
Stxrry_ 26 päeva tagasi
I got second hand embarrassment from they’re video-
Ed Jhonson
Ed Jhonson 26 päeva tagasi
Guys 1k dumb ppl watched this video
Cleetus Gamer
Cleetus Gamer 26 päeva tagasi
"also ur under arrest""Freak" *CUTS TO RUNNING*
Finn Crossan
Finn Crossan 27 päeva tagasi
Sure, I burned down an orphanage but it was just a prank bro
WildCard 27 päeva tagasi
Do you even jail bro?
Berlinda Martinez
Berlinda Martinez 27 päeva tagasi
The hungry bush yearly reign because dahlia spontaneously tickle a a glossy bulb. craven, tight activity
Exxotic_Maniax 28 päeva tagasi
I watch the stokes twins a lot
Markus 28 päeva tagasi
Imagine if the Uber driver was black or trans. He would be dead now. That’s how risky their “prank” was.
Ethan Lagadon
Ethan Lagadon 28 päeva tagasi
This is why you should bring a cam to war and say its a joke
James Spooky
James Spooky 29 päeva tagasi
They are so lucky they didn’t get shot. If I saw that in my town, I’d shoot. Everyone here has a gun on them. I doubt I’d even have to. People around here would literally be leaning out of shop windows to light them up lol
Lazy and sleepy Anna
Lazy and sleepy Anna 29 päeva tagasi
More like the criminal twins
STAIRL XÆ 29 päeva tagasi
6:43 Imagine his wife really comes in😂
A U B R E Y 29 päeva tagasi
My dad has always said "It's not a joke unless people other than the one(s) that told the joke laugh" or something like that and I kinda think that that sentence is applying here...
SpagettioBro Місяць tagasi
I am now Greg.
amel*a Місяць tagasi
one other thing wrong with this video why does it say "maybe" the worst prank
Molly Hats
Molly Hats Місяць tagasi
Tell me you’re white without saying you’re white. The fucking blind privilege of it all. I’m still steamed months later.
whtsmkslwwsw2 Місяць tagasi
cool, just giving people PTSD
C J Місяць tagasi
11:33 i can think of another youtuber who did this exact thing😬
PRC Місяць tagasi
So these are actually the Bogdanoff brothers in their youth. This is how they made their money
TortillaKitten Місяць tagasi
0:02 Let's together jail
Alex Rodriquez
Alex Rodriquez Місяць tagasi
They pled guilty
Ashfaque Hossain
Ashfaque Hossain Місяць tagasi
U need friends ?
Aestelle Місяць tagasi
Orion Місяць tagasi
As someone who's last name is stokes, the stokes's reject the twins
Funny Місяць tagasi
I can’t stop looking at the frog on Danny’s shirt and not his face
Llama Місяць tagasi
Did dudjdjdjdkk spasmo
Janice Luz
Janice Luz Місяць tagasi
stoke twin lied about the 10 cops with rifle
Moon🌙✨ Місяць tagasi
crime gone WRONG????
Lindsey Taylor Mitchell
Lindsey Taylor Mitchell Місяць tagasi
not them being at UCI 🥴 that’s so weird wtf why
stinks or stonks
stinks or stonks Місяць tagasi
Who are they pranking? Law enforcement?
Weirdo Madness
Weirdo Madness Місяць tagasi
What happened to them? The stokes twins used to make funny, relatable, and original content. Nothing to hilarious but honest content. Now they’re laughing about almost killing a Uber driver. What happened? I unsubscribe for like 3 months and now they’re crazy awful “pranksters”
ʀᴇᴛᴛᴏ̄sei Місяць tagasi
The fact that on one stopped them-
Koi Місяць tagasi
Just a prank bro
AmberPH Місяць tagasi
3:17 i was laughing because of their bad acting but i then paused it but then i heard real police sounds. >:D to :| to :( ... but yeah poor people, they ran away scared. i would too.
AmberPH Місяць tagasi
They shouldn't go to jail because they're criminals. - Danny 2020 Me: makes no senseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabriel's Films
Gabriel's Films Місяць tagasi
Mr. Walrus
Mr. Walrus Місяць tagasi
My niece is the sheriff for orange county
Danny is Greg Greg is best
Furry that desires clorox Yes
Furry that desires clorox Yes Місяць tagasi
Also who would rob a bank with like a thousand people around
kevin michael joy
kevin michael joy Місяць tagasi
That poor uber driver getting guns pulled on him because of these two douchebags wow
Jayce Jackson
Jayce Jackson Місяць tagasi
Funny video guy
Funny video guy Місяць tagasi
I guess just prank is just a word for doing something bad or scary on a video
Carmen Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego Місяць tagasi could people know they were twins if they HAD SKI MASKS ON??? 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️
Apø11ö~ Місяць tagasi
Police: *comes with a motorbike* Stokes twins: there were like 10 cop card and guns and rifles pointed at us
Luca Playz
Luca Playz Місяць tagasi
4:22 do you like star wars? i do
Anthony Cabalan
Anthony Cabalan Місяць tagasi
Nice vid Drew
JayTheWabbit Місяць tagasi
The biggest part of that prank was when the cops realized the Uber driver wasn't the get away driver lmao
Mathilde Stokes
Mathilde Stokes Місяць tagasi
Stokes huh
lemon Місяць tagasi
both of the twins with their hair makes them look like gumby
Alyssa Morgen
Alyssa Morgen Місяць tagasi
why is danny so believable as twins
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