The King Copycat of TikTok

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Danny Gonzalez

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEexs, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez Місяць tagasi
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MP Private
MP Private Päev tagasi
I love your. Videos
-•gummy_ball•- 2 päeva tagasi
Thecheezy Weebboy
Thecheezy Weebboy 3 päeva tagasi
Pheonix_7789 4 päeva tagasi
at least it wasnt raid shadow legends
Ava Drake
Ava Drake 7 päeva tagasi
Gryffin Williams
Gryffin Williams 4 minutit tagasi
6:38 makes me laugh every time
Aaronin21 tutorials
Aaronin21 tutorials 6 tundi tagasi
How do you say whats up greg in one Second
Aaronin21 tutorials
Aaronin21 tutorials 6 tundi tagasi
0:00 whats up greg
Baseball Fan
Baseball Fan 9 tundi tagasi
I’ve seen him copy a few and copying has to end
Halo 13 tundi tagasi
react to dhar man
Gretchen T
Gretchen T 22 tundi tagasi
Omfg I know this guy personally in real life this is fuckung crazy haha nanchez 😂😭😭😭
Elizabeth Catherine Sample
Elizabeth Catherine Sample Päev tagasi
is this danny gonzalez or steve from blues clues ??
bq Päev tagasi
Danny what’s your job
Ana's Cringe
Ana's Cringe Päev tagasi
Ok I know I'm 11 but I'm studying Law and I know that you can't sue someone for that XD
FurFox S
FurFox S Päev tagasi
So do you have like a Monitor and pc or a laptop?
uncle duck
uncle duck 2 päeva tagasi
That sounds like something Tom Cruise would actually do though
Olivier123xd tt :D
Olivier123xd tt :D 2 päeva tagasi
A litteral copy of mrbeast but on ticktock but not russian lmao
Яeverse Matt
Яeverse Matt 2 päeva tagasi
the guy who is named greg 😒
Madison Hess
Madison Hess 2 päeva tagasi
Who in the world is downvoting this video? XD the ‘many enemies’?
Story & Spice
Story & Spice 2 päeva tagasi
My storyteller ich says this guy is my enemy
Noelle Williams
Noelle Williams 2 päeva tagasi
'Yeah, I copied your novel word for word but it's ok because I'm a writer' Yeah I copied your comment by copying and pasting but its ok because i comment a lot
Aleena Adnan
Aleena Adnan 2 päeva tagasi
I searched it up once and GREG *is* the fastest growing army on the internet
CeilidhCats 2 päeva tagasi
I'm fucking SCREAMING. I had no clue about this whole "greg army" thing until now. boyfriend's name is greg, guess who is getting merch for his birthday
Emily Lange
Emily Lange 2 päeva tagasi
This person is so agressively average looking i...
Na the click is a nintendo switch
Naomi Cruz
Naomi Cruz 3 päeva tagasi
Yo Greg is the biggest army even doe it’s not it is
Chikako 3 päeva tagasi
newmane looks 40+ but he sounds 4
Waffle Dog
Waffle Dog 3 päeva tagasi
me: *sees 1.1k dislikes* also me: **chuckles**
Sharon Yerian
Sharon Yerian 3 päeva tagasi
Look it up! I looked up who the fastest growing army was on YT and it said Greg!! WE ARE WINNING!!! HELL YA
KABIR SINGH 3 päeva tagasi
greg is actually the fastest growing channel on the internet you can google it no joke you can just do it you will see
samantha s
samantha s 3 päeva tagasi
That voice memo makes my skin crawl ☠️ what a delusional creep weirdo
_Balter_ 3 päeva tagasi
Neumann is the guy who would repeat a joke because he thinks it'll get funnier the more he says it
Levi Boogie
Levi Boogie 3 päeva tagasi
10:55 i would honestly give that a watch
17RaysPlays 4 päeva tagasi
I'd be fine with the Tom Cruz scenario as long as he credited the creators, because that's all copyright should be.
Lazar 4 päeva tagasi
10:11 can someone pls tell me the name of the music in the background
Baky Akeeb
Baky Akeeb 4 päeva tagasi
We are powerful. We are everywhere. We are greg
trigger_hurt 4 päeva tagasi
saddest part about this is that he makes money off this.
dA viNKi???
dA viNKi??? 4 päeva tagasi
do u have an opossum shirt on😃
Jena 4 päeva tagasi
lmao why he looks younger? it’s like a 14 year old danny
•Mei Mei
•Mei Mei 4 päeva tagasi
"I'm an actor." Me: F**k! My brother: Language! :v Me: *And I'm An Actor* (Actress I guess)
New Yardley Sinclair
New Yardley Sinclair 4 päeva tagasi
I get that he stealing but I dont understand tik tok and how it works.
Sm0iks 5 päeva tagasi
im guessing he dm'ed you
Candice 5 päeva tagasi
Hes a copycat and your jokes were not funny Please dont send me death threats
Alyas 5 päeva tagasi
I think the click was a switchblade.. sounds like one..
That Kid
That Kid 5 päeva tagasi
'You'll have a lot of enemies...' Uh dude you got it all wrong- Now that Danny made a video exposing you... You got the entirety of the fastest growing family on EEexs on the opposing side. Greg: Gorillas Raising Education Gently
punkfruit 5 päeva tagasi
still cant believe anybody takes that app seriously
Abtaf Jahan Romana
Abtaf Jahan Romana 5 päeva tagasi
Rives Indian tv shows
Sommo playz
Sommo playz 5 päeva tagasi
You will now have alot of enemies >:)
incdoctar 6 päeva tagasi
Neumen is the exact same as tik tok version of spectator
Hydaspes R
Hydaspes R 6 päeva tagasi
In this video Danny is upset about Voice Acting Technology
WillyWonka Joestar
WillyWonka Joestar 6 päeva tagasi
I love how in the live stream numan said ima make urs better but its the EXACT SAME it doesn't even have a change of words setting nada and when he said a LITTLE COPIED CONTENT look at his tiktok all of it is copy and paste.
Little Man
Little Man 6 päeva tagasi
But he doesnt make it better, he just does the exact same thing
Ryan Showen
Ryan Showen 6 päeva tagasi
Tell me that wouldn’t be the most Tom Cruise shit to do though
Awesome 6 päeva tagasi
When will you learn… Tiktok is shit
Xaltfy 6 päeva tagasi
wait he’s not….. mr worldwide??
Colton Patterson
Colton Patterson 6 päeva tagasi
The vine god has spoken
Fosty The Snowman
Fosty The Snowman 7 päeva tagasi
hollywood in 2021: 10:59
qraxity 7 päeva tagasi
He does it by extracting the sound of the original video to an editing software and put it in his video then upload it making it to where it doesn't direct the sound to the original creator of the sound
PimpDaddy Peters
PimpDaddy Peters 7 päeva tagasi
Just got here, and I gotta ask, who’s Greg? Would love to meet him one day, gotta be a great guy if Danny keeps mentioning him.
LifeOfNigh 7 päeva tagasi
Is that his real eye brows? He looks like a cheap dollar store version of Barbie's Ken doll!
clifton hall
clifton hall 7 päeva tagasi
Don’t know how I ended up here but this guy is extremely funny 😆 and likable. 👍🏿
??? 7 päeva tagasi
At 4:02 it’s from the office how do people think it’s his voice
Player4321 Yubos
Player4321 Yubos 7 päeva tagasi
Is see your wearing *H A M P T E R*
Sriansh 7 päeva tagasi
And then he tries to act cool lol
66k shinigami dolls
66k shinigami dolls 8 päeva tagasi
7:12 the fact that he is trying to sound tough he's just sounds like he has to sore throat lol
Sher-i Lynut
Sher-i Lynut 8 päeva tagasi
I can hardly wait to hear the mean voicemail he sends you…🙄
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin 8 päeva tagasi
“He’s like a super villain, I have to give him credit for that” PLS
Lauren Lovegood
Lauren Lovegood 8 päeva tagasi
Yes I stole all your pets but its okay because I'm a zookeeper
kazim1801 8 päeva tagasi
Who cares tik tok is already the lowest of the low. Also funny that people talk about stealing/copy when everything 90% of tiktok does is steal popular musik and add your face to it
Creepin catz
Creepin catz 8 päeva tagasi
I love Greg
Scuffed up
Scuffed up 8 päeva tagasi
you should make skits
MDT - Epicx_Gamer
MDT - Epicx_Gamer 8 päeva tagasi
Him saying take down the video was the biggest mistake he made, if I were him, I would either tell the truth or not respond, not responding seems like the best option.
Aidan Harley
Aidan Harley 8 päeva tagasi
11:39 is the spoken form of "???"
Handsome Squidward
Handsome Squidward 8 päeva tagasi
If that guy is an actor kallmekris is a teacher
Chen Mae
Chen Mae 9 päeva tagasi
Joey is amazing
Not Heath
Not Heath 9 päeva tagasi
Hit that wow Danny
Sooper Nastya
Sooper Nastya 9 päeva tagasi
as an actress we don’t claim him 😀
Asassynation 9 päeva tagasi
……”Give me a script and I’ll nail it!” …nobody gave you a script though….that’s the whole point. Also, you’re right dude, you’re an “Actor” - probably best to stick with that since you very clearly have no creative talent to call your own. 🤷‍♀️
Turquoise Angel
Turquoise Angel 9 päeva tagasi
he’s the type of kid who repeats the same joke you said but louder and gets more attention
Jamie Sanders
Jamie Sanders 9 päeva tagasi
Well there’s a lot of copycats on tiktok
Plant/Vegetable Rights Matter
Plant/Vegetable Rights Matter 9 päeva tagasi
It’s like bro never learned what plagiarism is in school
Cat S.
Cat S. 9 päeva tagasi
The eyebrows on that TikTok guy are disgusting
guy uy
guy uy 9 päeva tagasi
he’s still funny so nobody gives a fuck
John Casey
John Casey 9 päeva tagasi
"Can you imagine if Tom Cruise came out with his own Avengers?" I mean, he kinda did with the Dark Universe. But it didn't go as planned.
Guy likes car :p
Guy likes car :p 9 päeva tagasi
I hope u get a “Hey man we can end this conflict if you just delete the vid, if u don’t wanna its ok but you are gonna have a lot of enemies from here”
Lina Begum
Lina Begum 9 päeva tagasi
Heyo Danny Its ur Telegram friend
Tiny_fighter_ 9 päeva tagasi
Chuck Norris liked 1 of my comments on tiktok
Deep Fried Coal
Deep Fried Coal 10 päeva tagasi
How do people end up like that guy. "im an actor give me a script i will nail that shit" and literally all hes doing to changing the person its genuinely annoying
anx 10 päeva tagasi
nainafavs 10 päeva tagasi
Danny.. My dear dear Greg Danny.. Instagram does not let you record voice memo for more than a min or two. It automatically cuts off and sends the voice memo 👀 🤷 Still a good joke thou 😉👍
koopee gaming
koopee gaming 10 päeva tagasi
Danny possum shirt
Khushal Punjabi
Khushal Punjabi 10 päeva tagasi
I am now part of the Greg army
Zombified MX5
Zombified MX5 10 päeva tagasi
He owns a model S, he’s bound to be evil.
Casual Red Panda
Casual Red Panda 10 päeva tagasi
guys press sort by on newest comments, im first hehe
TUc Headquarters
TUc Headquarters 10 päeva tagasi
Greg backwards is gerg cause I think you needed to know that
lucifer Mornigstar
lucifer Mornigstar 10 päeva tagasi
Dreams face reveal
Vea V
Vea V 10 päeva tagasi
That guy seems like a scammer, like those people at a stand in a theme park where the games are rigged
anonymous Omegle
anonymous Omegle 10 päeva tagasi
H20 Delirious army will defeat all the armys mahaha
HyperCharm 10 päeva tagasi
Tf, some dumbasses actually dislike these. Like wtf bro. Danny's the king 👑
mars 10 päeva tagasi
content colonizer type beat
mars 10 päeva tagasi
white men still out here taking what don’t belong to them 🙃
Feed me
Feed me 9 päeva tagasi
that. sounds. racist.
gardensnail 10 päeva tagasi
why is there so many boss baby ads on ur videos
Sweaty-Fortnut-Kiddo Apex
Sweaty-Fortnut-Kiddo Apex 10 päeva tagasi
rowan. 10 päeva tagasi
16:10 does anyone know the name of the music in the background? I've heard it before and used to know the name but for some reason I just can't remember it
am i millenial or gen z
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