Guava Juice Is Out Of Control

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Danny Gonzalez

3 місяці tagasi

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEexs, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

Joe The Turtle
Joe The Turtle Tund tagasi
Hi, second video for me. I have one simple question. What the hell does GREG mean
Junior Bunior
Junior Bunior 4 tundi tagasi
4:57 Employee:that’s just a wall there is electrical set up how did you
CuteKittenPhoebe 4 tundi tagasi
I have a joke whats the difference between a Red apple and A green apple? Bananas are yellow
Oliver OG
Oliver OG 6 tundi tagasi
"It's the avatar!"
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 10 tundi tagasi
I subscribed and put the bell on all so Im greg
Fanboy From fanboy and chum chum
Fanboy From fanboy and chum chum 23 tundi tagasi
The face on every thumbnail tho
Ash N
Ash N Päev tagasi
I feel like the worst part of all of this is that guavas don’t even have juice, they have nectar
starlite Päev tagasi
you're telling me this is the same guy who experimented with wubble bubbles, diet coke and mentos, and made old rolanda and richard videos with alex? what happened man
XxRobloxNobxX Päev tagasi
guava juice used to be a great channel in 2016, 17 and 18 but in 19 it all changed and he went from being a great channel with amazing content to a children's entertainer with horrible and cringey videos.
Voidiac Päev tagasi
he used to be good a few years ago now hes really weird and unfunny
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 2 päeva tagasi
"His videos get crazy amounts of views". Judging from the screenshot of thumbnails that I paused on, the first thumbnail Danny showed seems to be an outlier. The most views any of these videos had was 3.5 million. Pause at 0:39 if you want to check for yourself. Edit: I've seen more of Guava Juice's thumbnails and there are a few that reach 10 million views. Nothing to sneeze at, but not nearly as many views as I thought there would be.
Crimson Rose
Crimson Rose 2 päeva tagasi
The content is so horrendous that I can barely watch Danny critique it
idea1sm 2 päeva tagasi
God I remember when guava was actually a good channel
Chax slax
Chax slax 2 päeva tagasi
Damn I remember back then where Guava's channel didn't suck
UsefulSauceGaming 2 päeva tagasi
“I want the flavors, not the leftovers!” Guy with an inflatable gun
Its not even bella
Its not even bella 2 päeva tagasi
ever since roi left wassabi productions he went downhill so fast omg
Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman 2 päeva tagasi
this is actually really sad, used to watch this dude back when he was with the wassabi guy, their parodies made my days better, but when they parted everything went downhill.
sistersfromanothermisters 2 päeva tagasi
Danny: these videos make me tired Me: SAAAAAME Me: *Realizes its 10:35pm* Me:......Am i stupid?
Ray 3 päeva tagasi
Danny's eyes at any given point in time : 🔵 _ 🔵
dahl 3 päeva tagasi
Guava use to be funny to me but stopped watching him
Isabella Holmes Zoltak
Isabella Holmes Zoltak 3 päeva tagasi
I'm very late. Who is Greg?
Good Beans
Good Beans 3 päeva tagasi
Ayo…. Danny’s eyes do be hittin different in this video doe👀
someone who doesn't matter
someone who doesn't matter 3 päeva tagasi
My name is not greg
0_yousef_0 4 päeva tagasi
When my girlfriend thinks in cheating on her I tell her I love you in the bottom of my heart then she kisses me sooo quick
0_yousef_0 4 päeva tagasi
You mean guava juice/Roi
Richard Mancino
Richard Mancino 4 päeva tagasi
haha, greg day
robin yousef
robin yousef 4 päeva tagasi
e 4 päeva tagasi
i was kinda disappointed that drew wasn't gonna rant about the fruit guava juice 💔
MvCs 4 päeva tagasi
Baloney 0:10
90%  Problems
90% Problems 4 päeva tagasi
He’s a really pretty Sailor Moon though
Dylan Dalmatian Is a bi icon
Dylan Dalmatian Is a bi icon 4 päeva tagasi
That Ronald McDonald costume would scare the hell out of me if I were a kid
Turnip 5 päeva tagasi
Guava juice was once very ok now its just... Not ok
Qwazard 5 päeva tagasi
Abtaf Jahan Romana
Abtaf Jahan Romana 5 päeva tagasi
Rives India tv shows
Meow Waffles
Meow Waffles 5 päeva tagasi
Guava juice really devolved, it started out making sensational content but it was kinda interesting, like making a massive marshmallow or interesting stuff out of jelly. Roy is the guy who you see there, Alex and Roy used to run Wasabi Productions together, Roy left.
vqnxm. 5 päeva tagasi
the bottle hitting to the head reminds me of Brandon Rogers LOL
pickled egg
pickled egg 6 päeva tagasi
What happened to Roi when I left 6 years ago
Sanina Robinson
Sanina Robinson 6 päeva tagasi
I am guava juice and why I made him a mime is because he’s French you idiot
templecatt 6 päeva tagasi
I miss his old content. and wasabi productions
Quacky 6 päeva tagasi
POV: your looking at the comments to see if guava juice commented
CDEE-mist 6 päeva tagasi
BOYFRIEND as a animator for no reason.
BOYFRIEND as a animator for no reason. 7 päeva tagasi
Imagine if guava juice neighbor was like.. neighbor:SHUT UP!!!!!!I M TRYIN TO SLEEP HERE!!!!!
Silver's Animation Gallery
Silver's Animation Gallery 7 päeva tagasi
I remember watching him at a young age. Sheeeeesh. I even remember watching their old channel Wasabi Productions when I was like 8
Scripted Salmon
Scripted Salmon 7 päeva tagasi
that sponser seems like express vpn's ceo told u to say that
Frog Hugger
Frog Hugger 7 päeva tagasi
remember when he was wasabi productions
CrumbsInMyTumbs 7 päeva tagasi
jus gohnson
Shmedeee Shmurbac
Shmedeee Shmurbac 6 päeva tagasi
Gub bobsun
PINK 7 päeva tagasi
10 things not to do at Playboy.
that random vr kid
that random vr kid 7 päeva tagasi
I feel like guava juice is in some sorta drug, like coke
Depressed Lemon
Depressed Lemon 8 päeva tagasi
“Here are 10 things not to do at Dunkin’ Donuts!” “DOWNLOAD SIMPLY PIANO TODAY”
Warren Realrider
Warren Realrider 8 päeva tagasi
cool beans
Dream 8 päeva tagasi
Hi me
CRACKED G 2 päeva tagasi
hi dani
Dr Dalmation
Dr Dalmation 8 päeva tagasi
1:12 are we just gonna ignore that he called the lady “sir”?
Sanina Robinson
Sanina Robinson 8 päeva tagasi
Have a. Gregday
CarterNotSteve 8 päeva tagasi
I miss the days when guava juice was "i love nutella" and hot cheeto challenges and collabs with marlin
Daddy Pig
Daddy Pig 8 päeva tagasi
7:55 and the people in the backround
catharine 8 päeva tagasi
i remember when this guy did wasabi productions which was actually kind of funny
TransPlant 161
TransPlant 161 8 päeva tagasi
Screaming is in fact comedy
MUSAB HASSAN 9 päeva tagasi
I come for the flavor not the leftovers
Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati 9 päeva tagasi
I remember that guy as rolanda from wasabi productions, idk why i ever enjoyed those vids lmao
_ LateApril _
_ LateApril _ 9 päeva tagasi
i used to actually watch this guy's videos when i was about 7... what the fuck was wrong with me-
jad khattat
jad khattat 9 päeva tagasi
I’m not here ...
I’m not here ... 9 päeva tagasi
You should make a second guava juice vid please
UnknownBohemian Games
UnknownBohemian Games 9 päeva tagasi
*1:19* KOBY
copyright claim
copyright claim 9 päeva tagasi
i havent heard this name is so long
surya 9 päeva tagasi
When I was younger I enjoyed watching him, nowadays I think he’s lost it
That Guy
That Guy 9 päeva tagasi
The joke of how Ronald is the manager was kinda funny, but then he made the robot bit and it just because stupid
Trinity Gibb
Trinity Gibb 9 päeva tagasi
This manzzzz really called out my 5 year old self's crush🤚
Vena L
Vena L 10 päeva tagasi
I mean if it works it works, looks like that’s what the kids like to watch and he’s making that bank😂
Smalllbuddy 10 päeva tagasi
Guava is why kids are so weird
theiggyman 10 päeva tagasi
Guava Juice is like that kid at school with ADHD that takes anything serious you propose and makes it completely nonsensical
kill grxy
kill grxy 11 päeva tagasi
i’m new who’s greg
pee  pe ee epe peew
pee pe ee epe peew 10 päeva tagasi
if tou subsrice..... ur gonna b greg 😉
Flowi 💕
Flowi 💕 10 päeva tagasi
you know how youtubers name their fanbase? danny decided to name their fanbase just a regular first name as a joke and just went with it
Ø Yúki Lÿrics Ø
Ø Yúki Lÿrics Ø 11 päeva tagasi
The video should be me laughing and dying through all the video you react-
Fuyuhiko Stole your Cookies
Fuyuhiko Stole your Cookies 11 päeva tagasi
He was a huge part of my childhood. I just think his content now appeals to a lot younger audiences now and tbh it doesn’t have to make sense to us to be good content for little kids.
Vani 11 päeva tagasi
I used to watch him a little bit when I was younger. It’s gotten entirely out of control now though, Jesus
Bontacoon 11 päeva tagasi
I think Guava Juice took it way too far when Drew Gooden said that relatable comedy is the death of comedy.
Random Gamz
Random Gamz 11 päeva tagasi
Love your videos
Beck Culpepper
Beck Culpepper 12 päeva tagasi
6:31 My sleep paralysis demon
Buzz Potato
Buzz Potato 12 päeva tagasi
After Guava is done with these videos McDonalds might as well be a empty room filled only with sadness
MaxineBox 12 päeva tagasi
i used to like guava juice and i don't understand why i thought it was funny
STUP1D-! 12 päeva tagasi
“It seems like he has a very interesting mix of content” Proceeds to scroll on what looks like the exact same thumbnail
thanos 5 päeva tagasi
I actually thought i took lsd when i saw the thumbnails
Jesse wins lol
Jesse wins lol 11 päeva tagasi
Wyatt Gray
Wyatt Gray 12 päeva tagasi
I get the random part of the "Hyper Random Show". But what's the hyper part?
Keenu Khang
Keenu Khang 13 päeva tagasi
I wonder if youtubers who are playing personalities like these ever effects their personal self like identity crisis?
TheRogueCTZN 13 päeva tagasi
I just want a way to hide his channel from my search results ffs
Elina Auvinen
Elina Auvinen 13 päeva tagasi
omggg i remember watching and fucking loving wassabi production videos when i was younger😭 wtf is going onnnn-
Carly Baxter
Carly Baxter 13 päeva tagasi
dont order a mcflurry, they will just quote avatar at you
TheIDK 13 päeva tagasi
1:25 it's true though they litterly expect you to order more
Yeti 13 päeva tagasi
You know that relatable moment when the McDonald’s employee dressed up as Ronald McDonald ties you down and starts force feeding you French fries till the cops gun him down then you have to go to counseling for trauma and while driving by a McDonald’s you have a flashback and crash your car
I'm just Looking For my Watch
I'm just Looking For my Watch 13 päeva tagasi
Ok but the hot coffee one kinda happened
Flappytheweeb 13 päeva tagasi
Balone What's with Danny and balony??
Shitpost Meme lord
Shitpost Meme lord 13 päeva tagasi
Danm he be looking fine as a peace of baloney
♡KayKun 14 päeva tagasi
lmao my brother used to be into guava juice, now hes more into danny gonzalez and gus johnson and youtubers like that lmao he 100% saw this and was embarrassed that he actively loved guava juice lmao
lloid Gale
lloid Gale 14 päeva tagasi
@guava juice
Ftray The great
Ftray The great 14 päeva tagasi
So relatable, I ordered a coffee and got a third degree burn.
sadiq hussein
sadiq hussein 14 päeva tagasi
1:14 not gonna cap that was hilarious
Calie ;-;
Calie ;-; 14 päeva tagasi
no because I used to watch his 3am videos and get so scared
Carina Chainey
Carina Chainey 14 päeva tagasi
"Let's talk about Dunkin' Donuts" *ad* "Hi I'm Chris *Duncan* "
your mother
your mother 14 päeva tagasi
guava juice never got worse you just grew up
Packers69 :(
Packers69 :( 14 päeva tagasi
Bro Karen's have rights to call the manager at McDonalds because literally I got 1 small fry at McDonalds they gave me 4 large trys no joke
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 14 päeva tagasi
1:29 I work at Mcdonald's, can confirm
Fuck YouTube
Fuck YouTube 14 päeva tagasi
Standard "childhood" is retardation. Kids who watch this are being ultra turbo mega supertarded.
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